scotland is going to be the first country to make pads and tampons free for all students

The £5.2 million scheme is a major step in eradicating period poverty, which sees hundreds of thousands of young women struggle to afford basic sanitary products.
Georgie Wright

this journalist just became pakistan’s first transgender news anchor

TL;DR: progress.
Matthew Whitehouse

why did resident advisor just kill their dj poll?

Their annual ranking of DJs has been a huge deal for the electronic music industry. We look at the interesting and important reasons behind the decision.
Felicity Martin
Gender Pay Gap

a quick update on all the ways women are being screwed over by unequal pay

Happy Equal Pay Day, aka the day when women effectively stop being paid for the rest of the year when you account for the gender wage gap. Can we all go home now?
Georgie Wright
the sounding off issue

and then god created tommy

Tommy Genesis talks identity and sexuality in a remarkably frank and beautifully-written essay and shares a brand new work, A Free Freestyle for Anyone to Perform, exclusively for i-D.
Tommy Genesis

after 50 years of fighting, northern ireland’s abortion rights movement finally has its day in court

And at the awards.
Roisin Lanigan

how women are shaping a new uk sound system scene

Meet some of the women carving a new path in sound system culture, who feature in an upcoming photography exhibition exploring the scene’s British evolution.
Emma Finamore

watch: girls around the world lip sync to beyoncé for day of the girl

Roisin Lanigan

rina sawayama: there's a problem with the east asian women in madonna's beauty ad

Madonna’s MDNA Skin launched with a video of her and Josh "The Fat Jew" Ostrovsky being pampered by silent East Asian women. Fellow musician Rina Sawayama called her out on Twitter, and tells i-D why this trope must die.
Rina Sawayama
Think Pieces

trans model teddy quinlivan shares a brave and empowering message

Last week, during NYFW spring/summer 18, US model Teddy Quinlivan posted a video with CNN in which she publicly revealed her transgender identity. Motivated by both personal and political reasons, here she opens up and speaks out about her journey.
Teddy Quinlivan

the story behind black lives matter

Patrisse Cullors and Janaya Khan, the activists behind global equality movement Black Lives Matter, share their story.
Patrisse Cullors
Janaya Khan
Think Pieces

the importance of creating spaces that celebrate the many dimensions of blackness

Model and activist Ebonee Davis on the pressure of conforming to racial stereotypes, from style to taste in music, and the liberating feeling that comes when breaking free of them.
Ebonee Davis