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harry carr's year in photos

Wales, Greece, Edie Campbell, Adrian Joffe. This is 12 months in the life of photographer Harry Carr.
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Ryan White

you will always find molly goddard in the kitchen at parties

The who, where, what and wow of Molly Goddard autumn/winter 18.
Felix Petty
be good, be kind, be 2018

be good, be kind, be 2018

To round out the year, we asked a handful of people we were inspired by in 2017 to give us their advice for a good, kind, happy, empowered, strong, loud, and proud 2018. Here’s what they each had to say.
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be good, be kind, be 2018

edie campbell wants more inspiring activism in 2018

The outspoken model, who wrote an open letter to the fashion industry about its abuse problem earlier this year, can't wait to see more change in the new year.
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Industry Issues

edie campbell pens candid essay on the industry’s toxic culture of power and abuse

“We all know that it spreads far, far further than one man.”
Tish Weinstock

cameron russell is sharing anonymous stories of models who have been sexually assaulted

If you think Hollywood is bad, just look at the fashion industry.
Tish Weinstock

the itchy scratchy patchy guide to motocross

You mean you haven’t ironed-on these patches all over everything you own already?
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the london fashion student who took the met ball by storm

In the last two months, Conner Ives’ designs have appeared on the red carpet at the met ball, popped up on Riri’s Instagram and graced the pages of i-D. Impressive, yes, but even more so considering he’s only in his first year at CSM. We meet the...
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Elspeth Taylor
Think Pieces

from queer culture to high fashion, the mullet is a protest against conventional beauty

The politics of the infamous “business in the front, party in the back” haircut.
Braudie Blais-Billie

edie campbell transforms into a punk princess for tim walker

“Everyone in London is so supportive of creativity and youth, and I think the lack of commercialism helps that. It’s not about making big money, it’s about making interesting things which are occasionally beautiful. I get hideously home sick whenever I...
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get the first look at i-D's creativity issue!

We worked with photographer Tim Walker on a special issue celebrating the unrivaled creativity of London. Peek inside as we choose creativity over fear, self-expression over conformity, and freedom over corporate rules. Stay weird, stay different.
Holly Shackleton

​the power of a haircut

As Kristen Stewart's shaven head goes viral, we look back at the history of transformative cuts.
Tish Weinstock