ebonee davis

notes on being a woman

ebonee davis’s notes on being a woman

From her deep love of Oprah to embracing her bodily flaws, model-turned-activist Ebonee Davis meditates on what it means to be a woman.
Tish Weinstock
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the importance of creating spaces that celebrate the many dimensions of blackness

Model and activist Ebonee Davis on the pressure of conforming to racial stereotypes, from style to taste in music, and the liberating feeling that comes when breaking free of them.
Ebonee Davis

are we losing our selves to ‘like’ culture?

Outspoken about the pressures of modelling, Calvin Klein campaign star Ebonee Davis contemplates the impact of using social media for validation upon our mental health.
Ebonee Davis

a guide to rejecting white beauty standards and learning to love who you are by ebonee davis

Model and activist Ebonee Davis opens up about how she struggled to find her identity and came to terms with her beauty.
Ebonee Davis

ebonee davis opens up about the realities of working as a black model in fashion

“I was told black models either looked like they'd been plucked out of a village in Africa, or looked like a white model dipped in chocolate," says the model turned activist.
Tish Weinstock

a new, confrontational art project brings activists to crowded subway cars

The 'Unmuted' series is bringing activists like Ebonee Davis and Iskra Lawrence underground (literally) to confront issues facing New Yorkers.
i-D Staff

calvin klein model ebonee davis demands cultural accountability in fashion

After a five-year career laced with racism, the model has had enough.
Annie Armstrong