Eating Disorders


How TikTok's recovery community is rejecting triggering pro-ana content

While eating disorder content continues to thrive on the app, some creators are providing well-needed relief by documenting their journeys to recovery.
Sian Bradley

Black, fat womxn get eating disorders too

In an extract from her first book, Fattily Ever After, Stephanie Yeboah explores the fatphobia, racism and microaggression which can prevent Black womxn getting the medical help they need.
Stephanie Yeboah

The strange psychology of our mukbang obsession

Competitive overeating has found a new home (and millions of viewers) on YouTube. But while entertaining, for some people it can be dangerous and triggering.
Roisin Lanigan
eating disorders on tv

anorexia series overshadowed is the antidote we need after to the bone

An on screen depiction of eating disorders finally done right.
Roisin Lanigan

getty images bans photos of digitally slimmed models

The premiere stock photo source is warning contributors not to alter models' body sizes in accordance with a new law.
Hannah Ongley

​lily collins’s new film is opening up a much needed dialogue about eating disorders

Drawing on her own experiences as a teenager, Lily Collins stars in Netflix’s new feature film "To the Bone," about a 20-year-old suffering from anorexia, navigating her way around her family’s expectations of her recovery.
i-D Staff
Ryan White

watch lily collins battle anorexia in new 'to the bone' trailer

The actress relived her own battle with eating disorders to give a gripping (and surprisingly funny) performance.
Hannah Ongley

this is france's solution to fashion's retouching addiction

In an effort to curb eating disorders amongst the nation's youth, France is zeroing in on skinny models. But the new legislation has already attracted a fair amount of criticism.
Hannah Ongley

kesha opens up about her eating disorder in new psa

"I got sicker, and the whole world kept telling me how much better I looked. That’s why I realized I wanted to be part of the solution."
Jo Rosenthal

four models on body pressures, eating disorders, and why they're calling fashion out

According to a new study by Sara Ziff and The Model Alliance, young girls are still resorting to dangerous weight-control practices, and even being recommended plastic surgery. But Sabina Karlsson, Iskra Lawrence, Ashley B. Chew, and Charli Howard are...
Hannah Ongley
Think Pieces

are skinny model laws really the solution to fashion’s body image issue?

As a California bill aimed at fighting eating disorders advances, we ask why the focus isn't on widening the spectrum of acceptable body types rather than narrowing it.
Hannah Ongley
think piece

from dad bods to plus-size male models, average dudes are getting some love

Are we overdue for a male body revolution?
Wendy Syfret