Drew Barrymore


the new 'charlie's angels' will never compare to the 00s reboot

Drew Barrymore produced and starred in the film alongside Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, in a fabulous ode to 2000s fashion.
Marie Lodi
beauty week

drew barrymore's #beautyjunkieweek is the best thing on instagram

She shares the precious knowledge you need to solve zits, dead hair, and feelings of imperfection.
Jack Sunnucks
the sounding off issue

how sza became the definitive sound of 2017

i-D first met SZA in 2013. Newly signed and about to drop her third mixtape, she oscillated between suburban teen and R&B superstar. Now, four years later, having released her delayed but critically-acclaimed debut album, Solána Rowe has taken control.
Ryan White

drew barrymore is making a horror series written and directed by women

Black Rose Anthology will focus on “guilt, jealousy, repression, paranoia, insanity, sexual obsession and survival”.
Georgie Wright

drew barrymore pulls off a perfect cameo in sza's drew barrymore

It's a brilliant example of women supporting women.
Abraham Martinez

​16 years on: where are the cast of donnie darko now?

With a sequel to the 2001 time travelling odyssey just announced, we jump through the space-time continuum to find out where the original cast are now. Seth Rogan played high school bully Ricky Danforth, feel old yet?
Tish Weinstock

watch: drew barrymore turns cannibal in new netflix show santa clarita diet

Seriously. Watch the trailer.
Tish Weinstock

drew barrymore will play a bourgeois cannibal in her netflix debut

All the eerie episodes will debut in February.

the hollywood guide to teen emancipation

Following actress Ariel Winter’s triumphant emancipation story, we examine the phenomenon of teens divorcing their parents in Hollywood and beyond.
Jane Helpern

35 actors who were in i-D before they were really, really, really famous

i-D have always been cultural commentators, trendsetters and talent spotters. Over our 35 year history we've featured a veritable feast of lads and lasses just before they hit the big time - when they were young, naive, and brimming over with enthusiasm.
Felicity Kinsella

our favourite girls from when they were young

Girls, girls, girls I just can’t say no! From Courtney Love to Liv Tyler, Madonna to Rihanna, i-D knew they were gonna be stars before even they did. For Girl Week, we look back at some of our fave gals' first shoots in i-D. You saw them here first!
Felicity Kinsella