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New York's DJs on the chaotic future of clubbing

“When this is over I hope to see more Black and brown kids in spaces like Nowadays, Good Room and Public Records. I want to see more intersectionality between different scenes.”
Nicole DeMarco

Meet the DJs making NYC's nightlife scene more inclusive

By offering educational workshops and mentorship, Skillshare empowers women, queer, and non-binary people of color.
Zoe Yu Gilligan

sydney’s yung brujo is djing for cultural survival

Latin, British, fragmented, and political — Yung Brujo creates dancefloors that speak to multiculturalism.
Triana Hernandez

goodbye boiler room chat, we won't really miss you

Sexist commenters have one less place to harass female DJs.
Isabelle Hellyer
i-D Staff

discwoman and creamcake talk dj diversity in berlin

Last month, Brooklyn-based DJ collective and booking agency Discwoman hosted a free female DJ workshop in Berlin. i-D Germany caught up with Discwoman's co-founders and and the women behind Berlin party series Creamcake to learn more about electronic...
Alexandra Bondi de Antoni

forbes’ list of top earning djs is all male, once again

Can female DJs finally break into the EDM boy’s club? Even as women start to headline festivals and do their own booking, they still aren’t making as much money.
Blair Cannon
music interviews

meet the female kiwi producers taking on the boys of soundcloud

i-D checks in with the New Zealand women making waves while making people dance.
Imogen Wilson
music interviews

be safe, have fun, take some clothes off: life lessons from br00klyn queenz

i-D caught up with Br00klyn Queenz to talk about the power of partying and why the promise of a safe space is very complicated.
Wendy Syfret
Think Pieces

what we can learn from the lawless cool of 70s new york

From Martin Scorsese's 'Vinyl' to Garth Risk Hallberg's 'City on Fire,' the music, culture, and fashion of 70s-era New York is everywhere right now.
Jim Farber