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diemantle: music to... lose your car to.

The wait is over! Your lifelong search for a soundtrack to lose your car to is finally here. Enter DieMantle.
i-D Staff

i-dj: breakage

James Boyle aka Breakage is one of the most respected DJs and producers in the game. Having been releasing music for almost 15 years now, he's a master when it comes to production; crafting weighty yet refined music that crosses the realms of techno...
i-D Team

free download: x tempo

Forward thinking bass music producers Dismantle, Jus Now and Champion have joined forces as X Tempo. The three names have come together to form a collaborative project reflective of each of their individual sounds. Through intricate, rolling, low end...
i-D Team

Digital Soundgirl B.Traits is having a rad summer

If Jigglypuff merged with the Gelfling from The Dark Crystal, mastered radio presenting and spun dance records like an absolute pro, you’d end up with something almost as magic as B.Traits. Currently having the best summer of her life, hopping from...
Francesca Dunn

Digital Soundboy are the soundest sound system in the world

Since its launch London's Digital Soundboy label has gone from strength to strength, maintaining the respect of the electronic music community worldwide. Having just dropped Jakwob’s new single Somebody New, we sat the whole team down for some tequila...
James Hutchins

Kyla La Grange & Jakwob, making magic

Kyla La Grange is the otherworldly mermaid-haired beauty with a voice to match. Jakwob (James Jacob) is the Digital Soundboy-signee with equally as luscious locks and a CV that name-drops the likes of Lana Del Rey and Usher. Together they are making...
Francesca Dunn