Dating Apps


a guide to which dating app is the best for you

Which one to download if you have your shit together? Which one to download if you want fill the void in your life with meaningless swiping? Plus more info.
Emily Reynolds

straight men peak on dating apps at 50, while women peak at 18

This is brand new information!!!
Roisin Lanigan
love week

what effect are porn and dating apps having on our love lives?

Writer Megan Nolan weighs in her own experiences.
Megan Nolan
love week

a guide to sliding into people's dms without being a creep

Including a handy checklist.
Nick Levine
love week

what dating is like when you're disabled

We spoke to students, models, artists and activists about their love lives.
Sara Radin
love week

what dating is like when you live in the countryside

"You’d hardly ever get signal to use Tinder where I’m from, and will almost definitely match with a neighbour if you do."
Francisco Garcia

why doesn't facebook want me to have a casual hookup?

Zuckerboi has stressed that Facebook's new dating app, which is still in the late development stages, will aim to facilitate “real long-term relationships -- not just hook-ups”.
Sophie Peacock

there is maybe going to be a dating app exclusively for kanye fans

We have some thoughts on other dating apps we’d prefer.
Georgie Wright

future sex, the pioneering new book about finding love in the time of tinder

Emily Witt provides a refreshingly real first-person account of what it means to be single and sexually curious in 2016 — with forays into internet dating, pagan polyamory, and orgasmic meditation.
Alice Newell-Hanson

tinder just introduced 37 new gender identity options

The app is finally swiping right for inclusivity.
Hannah Ongley
Think Pieces

the death of spontaneity in the gay community

Are apps like Grindr commodifying sex into something transactional and destroying the thrill of instinct that physical queer spaces thrive off?
Amrou Al-Kadhi

​the best tv show about millennial dating in the age of apps will not be televised

Why you should go online to watch Adam Goldman’s critically acclaimed web series The Outs, now on a second season.
Colin Crummy