People of the Mud is a photographic ode to Ireland's heritage

Luis Alberto Rodriguez’s new photobook, peppered with hurlers and traditional dancers, took him to Ireland’s County Wexford.
Douglas Greenwood

Donté Colley's dancing is making the world a little brighter

The Toronto-native's viral, inspirational twerking videos will bring some positivity to your Instagram feed.
Wolfgang Ruth

exploring the birth of the b-boy in 70s new york

“It’s a story about art and the resilience of human beings,” says Bronx street photographer Ricky Flores, who captured the nascent b-boy subculture.
Cassidy George

an iranian teen was detained after posting dancing videos to instagram

This isn’t the first time someone’s been punished for dancing in the nation.
Annie Lord
Think Pieces

70s new york's cultural resurgence

From Martin Scorsese's Vinyl to Garth Risk Hallberg's City on Fire, the music, culture, and fashion of 70s-era New York is everywhere right now.
Jim Farber

10 most underrated music video dance routines

We’re gonna let Sia finish, but these are some of the best music video dance routines of all time!
i-D Team
Think Pieces

find out why every pop, cult and club movement needs it's own defining dance

It's a thing isn't it? Dancing, if you know what I mean... dancing is a form of expression that you either have or you haven't, so they say. You can learn it like singing but there's nothing like a good old spirited dad-dance to raise a smile and a bit...
Princess Julia

life without i-technology, why it's no life at all

Digital dependency has pulled in a generation. We're not addicted to drugs or sex anymore, it's wifi connection that gets us high. Oscar Quine considers Generation Now, the twenty-somethings who grew up with technology and start to combust without it.
Oscar Quine
Think Pieces

can you dance your way to enlightenment? princess julia finds out!

i-D’s Culture Editor, Princess Julia, grew up on London’s club scene in the early 80s and still enjoys what the big city has to offer today. Here she encourages us all to don our dancing shoes and hit the clubs!
Princess Julia