Damien Hirst


blondey mccoy: the boy with the thorn in his side

“Skateboarding taught me how to be confident and I haven't managed to shut up since then.” Ahead of his fifth solo show, skateboarder-designer-artist Blondey McCoy talks us through his collaboration with Damien Hirst and art as a form of therapy.
Ben Reardon

the best art in art basel is definitely these celebrity art look-a-likes

Rob Pruitt’s latest work marries art world stars with their celeb look-a-likes in the funniest display at Art Basel. Who knew Damien Hirst looked like the shark in Finding Nemo?
Felix Petty

i-D's weekly cultural round-up

Your guide to what you need to see, hear, watch, listen, go to and do, from Documenta in Athens to Damien Hirst in Venice and Modernism in Milan, The Handmaiden at the Cinema to Actress on your Stereo.
Felix Petty

david bowie’s personal art collection to be exhibited before being sold at auction

The collection includes around 400 works from artists including as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Marcel Duchamp, and Damien Hirst.
Lula Ososki

for the love of god, not another article on the ybas

Did the YBAs change the world? Or just London's art scene? Why have they fizzled out? Almost 30 years since they started out, we look into the early days of the group to see how the group set the revolution in motion.
Felix Petty

damien hirst says it's impossible to make art without money

"A lot of people think that artists need to be poor," the controversial icon said in a recent conversation with Jeff Koons.
Hannah Ongley

creation, collection and magnificent obsessions at the barbican

The Barbican's new exhibition takes on the relationship between collecting and creating.
Sharon Thiruchelvam

steve mcqueen, damien hirst and sarah lucas donate millions to new goldsmiths gallery

The Gallery will reinvent the historic steel water tanks on the Goldsmiths campus, providing south London with a new centre for the arts.
Francesca Dunn

a loss of sensation — the ybas in crisis

After 26 years of sell-out exhibitions, major retrospectives and art world domination, are the YBAs finally moving on and trying new things, or has the art scene just moved on and left them behind?
i-D Team
Adam Fletcher