Crystal Castles


alice glass is sharing surreal fan art on instagram

We speak to the artists behind the work, and find out from an expert what fandom really means.
Nick Fulton

alice glass alleges years of abuse by former crystal castles bandmate

In a harrowing statement, the musician details an alleged decade of psychological and physical mistreatment.
Briony Wright

crystal castles are donating all proceeds of their new album to amnesty international

'The world is at a critical tipping point. Human rights have no borders, no language, no religion, and no race,' new singer Edith Frances wrote on Facebook yesterday.
Hannah Ongley

alice glass on feminism, fashion, and music industry creeps

We present a wide-ranging Q&Q with electro-punk icon Alice Glass, taken from the latest issue of 'AGOLDE' magazine. As she sets on her solo career following the demise of Crystal Castles, Alice talks about leaving home at 14, growing up, staying true...
i-D Staff
Lesley McKenzie

alice glass objects to crystal castles performance at feminist sxsw party

Party host Tumblr has now dropped Crystal Castles from the lineup. "We don't want the band's presence to distract from this important mission," read a statement.
Hannah Ongley

crystal castles' leading lady alice glass is embracing her own darkness

Formerly one half of electronic noise duo Crystal Castles, Alice Glass is the Canadian singer/songwriter about to embark on the solo adventure of a lifetime.
Bertie Brandes