byredo founder ben gorham shares his advice for young creatives

His cult fragrance brand has received worldwide acclaim. Here’s the key to its creative success.
Shannon Peter

the kids breathing life into athens' creative scene

Despite being rocked by financial crisis and economic instability, Athens' creative scene in thriving.
i-D Staff

when jme met jeremy corbyn

On Sunday, i-D invited Boy Better Know’s JME to have a chat with Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour party and the only man who stands between the country and five more years of Tory government. The two met on a sunny Sunday afternoon at Spoke, a...
i-D Staff

in conversation with tim walker

For the new issue of i-D, we teamed with British photographer Tim Walker to celebrate just some of the brilliant, inspiring young minds and talent working in London today.

young, creative and broke: are we working with a guilty conscience?

In 2016, being creatively inclined isn’t just a toll on your bank balance, it’s a weight on your conscience; we talk to young people across the UK about the guilt that goes with doing what you love.
Nellie Eden

talking fantasy, creativity and modern loneliness with neil gaiman

As one of The Sandman creator’s short stories is adapted for Sky Arts, follow us into the mind of the graphic novel icon.
Colin Crummy
Think Pieces

​examining the fraught relationship between creativity and mental health

Is creativity a helpful outlet, or partly responsible for issues in the first place?
Greg French

what it means to be a londoner in 2015

Whether you’re born and bred in the Big Smoke or just passing through, even if you’ve been priced out by gentrification, and forced to thrive somewhere else, it doesn’t matter, because in 2015 being a Londoner is no longer about where you live, it’s...
Tish Weinstock