The culinary creatives reshaping the world of food

A wave of Black and brown chefs, including Ghetto Gastro, Pri Aguilar, Nasim Lahbichi and more, are using food as a force for community.
Ashley Tyner

Why Mexico City's queer scene is thriving

The city's new wave of creatives on their passions, the importance of chosen family and queer visibility in Mexico.
Cheryl Santos
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The Utah youth upcycling fashion for the future

A crew of young designers in Salt Lake City are building a conscious, DIY fashion community that merges art, thrifting and skate culture.
Sara Radin

Meet the queer artists shaping Hong Kong's creative underground

Hong Kong's creatives on the challenges they've faced under traditionalism and increasing Chinese control, as well as their hopes for the future.
Emma Russell
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Watch i-D's new film: what it's like to be an Asian American creative in NYC

Danny Bowien, Gia Seo, Jeannie Jay Park, Lumia Nocito and Masami Hosono talk identity, community and how to make it big while pursuing your passions.
Eda Yu
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New York's Asian American creatives on the beauty and resilience of their community

Chella Man, Humberto Leon, Japanese Breakfast and more, tell us how the city's inspired them and their hopes for the future.
Eda Yu
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Introducing... United States of i-D

From New York City to New Mexico, this new series is a celebration of diverse communities, scenes and subcultures across America.
i-D Staff
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3 beauty stylists on how to create powerful fashion imagery

In i-D's new film, makeup artist Ammy Drammeh, hairstylist Isaac Poleon and nail artist Mei Kawajiri tell us why collaboration is key.
Tom George
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Filipino artists on creating during their crazy long lockdown

Between the virus, strict curfews and a barrage of natural disasters creatives in the Philippines have really been put to the test.
Lia Savillo
Future Now

6 Hong Kong creatives on making art during the pandemic

With ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, artists have found new ways to survive and thrive in a city that offers little support for the self-employed.
Emma Russell

6 Mexican artists on how everything has changed for them this year

"There’s no video call that’ll replace protesting in the streets with my friends."
Cheryl Santos
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Meet the young creatives of Kosovo

Six inspiring artists tell us about their everyday lives, their hopes for the future and why it's so difficult to pursue the arts in Kosovo.
Donat Vatoci
Klara Gordon