Zendaya’s new secret film was shot entirely during quarantine

'Euphoria' season two delays aside, the making of 'Malcolm & Marie' shows just how much the pandemic has impacted Hollywood.
Dane Harrison
16 hours ago

This poster project imagines life pre-coronavirus

Gabrielle Marceca and Jon Ervin photographed the mundane social activities they were missing.
Jack Sunnucks
4 days ago

These photos reinsert Black and brown, queer and trans bodies in art history

'Being,' a project spearheaded by Camila Falquez, reimagines the classical artistic canon from which they've historically been erased.
Alyza Enriquez
5 days ago
The Faith in Chaos Issue

What do clothes mean in a pandemic?

For our summer issue, we reflect on dressing during quarantine, slipping on garments as a form of resistance and the future of fashion design.
Charlie Porter
5 days ago

Aimee Lou Wood is not a magical mermaid

The 'Sex Education' actress on self-acceptance, the stigma surrounding women's sexuality and what’s on the horizon for season three.
Britnee Meiser
5 days ago

How the pandemic suppressed student voters in primary elections

Many young people were forced to leave university and returned home to missing absentee ballots, bureaucratic hurdles and long lines, making it nearly impossible to vote.
Jazmin Kay

Tiffany and Co’s new collection supports women and people of colour affected by coronavirus

The jewellery brand will be donating all profits from “Infinite Strength”, with a minimum commitment of $2 million, to charities that support vulnerable communities affected by COVID-19.
Roisin Lanigan

Marcus Rashford's campaigning forced the Tories to U-Turn on free school meals

Boris Johnson just announced a £120m “Covid summer food fund” thanks in no small part to the nation's fave new footballer.
Danil Boparai

Why young autistic people don't want the lockdown to be lifted

While the uncertainty of coronavirus has been devastating for many autistic people, some elements of the response -- social distancing, flexible working, clear rules around staying at home -- will be sorely missed.
Marianne Eloise

Stanislaw Boniecki's quarantine in photos

See the lockdown in Brooklyn through Stanislaw Boniecki's eyes and get a sneak peek of his new photo book 'Stay Home'.
Nicole DeMarco

All the positive coronavirus news stories you probably missed

We’ve rounded the most uplifting COVID-19 developments and initiatives from the past week. Because we all need a little bit of a break from the doom and gloom, don’t we?
Roisin Lanigan

Gucci will present two seasonless collections a year post lockdown

The luxury house is the latest to adopt a less frantic, more considered fashion week schedule in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.
Roisin Lanigan