Celine Yasemin's photos capture the soft side of social outcasts

The Berlin-based photographer makes moving, sensitive imagery – a counterbalance to homophobia and oppressive social boundaries.
Douglas Greenwood

How couples around the world are dealing with quarantine

All your favorite creatives from Faye Wei Wei to Gus Dapperton share their lockdown experiences and what's inspiring them right now.
Nicole DeMarco

this new exhibition is celebrating the art world’s most iconic couples

‘Modern Couples: Art, Intimacy and the Avant-Garde’ opens today at Barbican and features some of the best duos of the past century. Romantic!
Roisin Lanigan

is pizza is the only thing better than love?

According to photographer Stella Asia Consonni, yes. Yes it is.
Georgie Wright
love week

five couples on the intricacies of their relationships

How did you tell them you loved them? What's their weirdest habit? Do you agree on politics? We got one of our favourite new photographers, Ekua King, to shoot someone loved-up couples, and then grill them on the intricacies of their romance.
i-D Team
fashion duos

10 creative couples: fashion’s powerhouses come in pairs

From Rick Owens and Michèle Lamy to Alexander McQueen and Shaun Leane, Lou Stoppard’s new book focuses on the iconic duos behind fashion’s most creative shows and shoots.
Charlotte Gush

loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will

What does love mean to four, young, British couples? Tolerance, strength, kindness? Or in the words of Kacion Mayers, “The most beautiful burden.” There’s nothing bigger, better, and more beautiful than love. We shot four young couples in the latest...
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