corinne day


witness the unseen side of 90s rave culture

Vinca Petersen puts her life on the rave road on display at the Saatchi Gallery.
Frankie Dunn

tbt: corinne day captures a less gentrified london

Hop onto the Jubilee Line as we throwback on 2001, when Corinne Day and Panos Yiapanis's shot London in all its graffitied, pierced glory for The Renaissance Issue, no. 207
i-D Staff

photographer lina scheynius will make you see fruit and flowers differently

She reflects on how small changes in her life impacted her photography, and a new book.
Zio Baritaux

girls girls girls! the photography show celebrating sensuality and 90s supermodels

See iconic photos of Kate Moss and Claudia Schiffer in an exhibition dedicated to beautiful women and the legends who captured them.
Hannah Ongley

​alexander mcqueen's face could land on britain's new £20 note

Alfred Hitchcock, Lucian Freud and Stanley Kubrick were also nominated to star on the new bill.
Charlotte Gush

an interview with alexander mcqueen from the graduate issue, 2002

With 'Savage Beauty' opening to the public at the Victoria and Albert Museum tomorrow, we read back over 'The New Kingdom,' an interview with Lee Alexander McQueen from i-D's The Graduate Issue, No. 223, September 2002.
i-D Team
i-D Staff
Think Pieces

photographing imperfection for the digital generation

We used to fantasise about the inch perfect goddesses of the catwalks, but now we only have eyes for make-up free, gap-toothed real girls of the Tumblr aesthetic. i-D investigates how this happened...
Jane Helpern

corinne day i-D files

Take a look at Corinne Day's work in i-D.
i-D Team

girls in i-D

To coincide with the launch of The Girls + Boys Issue, take a trip down memory lane and into the i-D archive with our favourite ever girls.
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alasdair mclellan brings british boys back into fashion in new book ultimate clothing company

Taking real boys from the street and putting them on the pages of fashion magazines, Alasdair McLellan brings fashion down to earth and recreates personal memories in his hometown. We take a look through his book Ultimate Clothing Company and delve...
Jeremy Abbott

an intimate conversation with the supermodel success story of 1993: kate moss

Skip backwards 21 years to December 1993, the first time Kate Moss appeared on the cover of i-D, No. 123, The Smart Issue, wearing an oversized jumper, sleeves hanging way past her hands, the whole image tinted blue with 'KATE MOSS TELLS ALL' printed...
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