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labour plan to scrap tuition fees from this autumn

Jeremy Corbyn, we don’t know how we’ll ever repay you (something we used to say about our Student Loan).
Matthew Whitehouse

how to register to vote if you’re trans

Trans people in the UK are being blocked from voting in the general election this June. Here’s how to make sure you get your voice heard.
Tom Rasmussen
News highlights the untapped power of the bme vote

28% of black and minority ethnic Brits aren’t registered to vote in this election. A last minute campaign backed by Riz Ahmed and Jamal Edwards seeks to change that statistic, highlighting how big a difference it could make.
Charlotte Gush

read an extended version of jme’s interview with jeremy corbyn

You saw the photo. You watched the film. Now read an extended version of Boy Better Know’s JME in conversation with Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn. Remember, there’s only one day left to register to vote in the General Election on 8 June so step on it!
i-D Staff

10 things we learnt from teaming up jme with jeremy corbyn

The pair took on all the big topics.
Hattie Collins

an idiot’s guide to the general election

Everything you wanted to know but couldn’t be bothered to research for yourself on Wikipedia.
Felix Petty

post-brexit britain: where are we now?

The EU referendum, David Cameron's resignation, Angela Eagle's coup against Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May's appointment. Britain's political landscape has changed beyond recognition in the past month. As the doom and gloom of a post-Brexit Britain sinks...
Felix Petty