cob gallery


joe sweeney finds the poignant in the banal

Black-humoured and distinctly British, the young London artist’s second solo show explores the concept of gentrification through the prism of what gets left behind.
Violet Conroy

oversized condoms and more at the belly and the members exhibition

The Belly and the Members is a new, multidisciplinary exhibition that takes the fragmented body as its central field of enquiry. Opening 6 September at Cob Gallery, here curator Antonia Marsh picks her top five things to look out for.
Antonia Marsh

hetty douglas and alfie kungu challenge the conventions of painting in new exhibition

The pair explores modern life and the history of painting in a riot of colours.
Hattie Collins

get lost in faye wei wei’s dreamy pastel tones and mythological creatures

London's Cob Gallery presents 'Anemones and Lovers,' the 23-year-old artist's debut show.
Tish Weinstock

a lesson in formationism by artistic duo walter & zoniel

Fresh from the opening of As the Cosmos Unfolds (Formationism.1), Cob Gallery curator Alexander Glover talks to the founders of Formationism about finding the balance between the physical and the conceptual, meaning and artistic process.
Alexander Glover

unveiling art basil: a show where none of the artists were real

On July 4th curator Alexander Glover and painter Tristan Pigott staged a 5-artist show at the Cob Gallery. Two weeks later, they can now finally reveal that all was not as it seemed. Here Glover pulls back the curtain on their greatest art show prank...
Tish Weinstock

talking trash with young london artist joe sweeney

As the doors to his first solo show open tomorrow, curator Jessica Draper catches up with the artist who's turning trash into high art.
i-D Staff
Jessica Draper

tristan pigott makes oil paintings for the instagram generation

The British artist uses color like David Hockney and calls his self-portraits “selfies.”
Alice Newell-Hanson