Cara Delevigne


these people are making the best use of their acne

In this week’s episode of i-D’s fashion podcast, Fash-ON Fash-OFF, we’re discussing beauty’s latest trend — pimple positivity.
Matthew Whitehouse

cara d tongues adwoa a for new fashion poster book chaos 69

From Dexter Navy’s sexed up portrait of Kendall Jenner to the three faces of Karl Lagerfeld, super stylist Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall have created the poster book to end all poster books
Tish Weinstock

​the real life impact of calling bisexuality a phase

We examine the absurdity attached to defining someone else’s sexuality.
Eliel Cruz

The Anti-Paparazzi Collection imagines Celebrities to Be Seen, Not captured

​Celebrities may soon be able to steer clear of the bright lime light by throwing it back into the lenses of the paparazzi themselves...they have Paul McCartney’s DJ, Chris Holmes, to thank.
Erin McConchie

Cara, Kate and Jourdan are all up for this year’s British Style Award

Will the supers steal the show?
i-D Team
Think Pieces

the rise of the it-model: fashion’s new super fame

With celebrity models like Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne on the runways, fashion is generating a new level of household fame for itself. Anders Christian Madsen explores how it-models came to be.
Anders Christian Madsen
Think Pieces

#obsessed. the impact of social media on teen fandom

The most recent bout of cyber-bullying that made the news was directed at 18 year old Storm-signed model, Paige Reifler who last week allegedly let slip four little words, “Yes, I’m seeing him,” to the Daily Mirror at the French Connection...
Felicity Kinsella
Think Pieces

snap, tag, post, repeat - how fashion became addicted to social media

Instagram is fashion’s favourite new international scouting ground and public enemy number one to the traditional system.
Anders Christian Madsen
Think Pieces

is the internet the new street?

It’s changed the way we dress, the way we look at ourselves, and what we aspire to. From Cara’s Thigh Gap to the cult of the Living Dolls, the internet has swallowed the streets whole.
Dean Kissick