Bruce Jenner


​2015 the year of... caitlyn jenner

If anyone had told us last year that Bruce Jenner would the make most serious pop cultural waves of anyone in 2015, we wouldn’t have believed them. But then, he didn’t. Caitlyn Jenner did.
Anders Christian Madsen
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​four things we can hope the world learns from caitlyn jenner

Why #callmecaitlyn means so much more...
Lynette Nylander

call me caitlyn: bruce jenner reveals new identity

The Kardashian family member is reborn in a glamourous cover shoot by Annie Lebovitz.
Charlotte Gush

bruce jenner: call me caitlyn — with a c

Welcome to the world, Vanity Fair covergirl and trans heroine Caitlyn Jenner.
i-D Staff
Alice Newell-Hanson
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what trans activists really think about bruce jenner

Whilst most were supportive of Bruce Jenner coming out as transgender, some members of the trans community felt the reality star’s privilege overshadowed their needs. As the dust settles on the momentous event, we examine the reactions.
i-D Staff
Meredith Ramirez Talusan

jamie foxx accused of transphobia over bruce jenner jokes

The comedian’s comments at last night’s iHeartRadio show caused offence in the LGBT community.
Stuart Brumfitt
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2014, the year of... the jenners

The Jenner side of the Kardashian clan made their triumphant entry on to the fashion scene in 2014, with Kylie taking lip lining to new heights, Kris making the rounds at the Paris shows, and Kendall becoming the new it-model of fashion. The only...
Anders Christian Madsen