Black Lives Matter


It’s official: 2020 has ruined generation Z’s mental health

A study of stress levels in America shows that 13-23 year olds have been hit the hardest by the coronavirus pandemic and violence against Black people.
Douglas Greenwood
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Black Japanese youth discuss BLM and their experiences of racism

The East Asian nation is home to a sizeable Black diaspora, but the experiences of its members are rarely represented in Japan's cultural mainstream.
Sogo Hiraiwa
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Nialah Edari: "By the time this essay drops, the police state will have murdered another Black person"

The co-founder of Freedom March NYC is tired but not deterred.
Nialah Edari
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LaLa Zannell: "We cannot advocate for Black lives if we are not advocating for Black trans lives"

The Trans Justice Campaign Manager in the Liberty Division at the American Civil Liberties Union has spoken at the White House and here asks for justice for Black trans lives.
LaLa Zannell
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Patrisse Cullors-Brignac: "Invest into a culture of dignity and care for Black people"

The founder of BLM discusses the need for momentum in the fight for justice.
Amira Rasool
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Winter Breeanne: "To merely exist in this world requires immense labour"

The youth organiser says it's time to reimagine liberation.
Winter Breeanne
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Wynta-Amor Rogers: "No matter the colour of our skin, we are one"

She's the 7-year-old Back Lives Matter protester who captured the hearts of the world with her impassioned speech at a New York march this summer. This is her message to you.
Wynta-Amor Rogers
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Patia Borja: "Sometimes we want to laugh rather than Instagram be a triggering thing"

The creator of @patiasfantasyworld and that infamous database of BLM-related resources discusses the state of our world, performative activism and learning to organise IRL.
Moya Lothian-McLean
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Sage Elsesser: "The collective rage black folks are experiencing today across this country is a direct response to the violence that fueled the birth of this nation"

How to transmute that anger into something beneficial?
Sage Elsesser
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Alexa Chanelle Achille: "The universe is asking what do we, the people, want?"

Imagining a society in which everyone is allowed to live a dignified life.
Alexa Chanelle Achille
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Chiké Okonkwo: "The future for Black people is in our ability to be as one"

The British actor on using your energy to power change.
Chiké Okonkwo
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Carlos G. Rosario: "I want us to remember how to scream, shake and cry"

The Bronx-based multidimensional healer and organiser shares his hopes for the world.
Carlos G. Rosario