Black Lives Matter

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some of the most powerful movements have been led by black women – patrisse khan-cullors

One of the three founding members of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, discusses how the movement began and where it needs to go next.
Tanya Compas

watch the first trailer for jay z’s documentary on trayvon martin

“They say that time heals all wounds. It does not.”
Georgie Wright

are radical pin badges the new slogan t-shirt?

In a world of throwaway Primark slogan tees, a quiet subculture of badge makers are making radical statements through pins. From Planned Parenthood to Black Lives Matter, or just your favourite meme, these designers are putting pop culture to the metal.
Kieran Yates
protest in paris

after naomi campbell closed off-white, designer virgil abloh took the knee

Rather than bow, Virgil kneeled to support the NFL players attacked by Donald Trump for their anti-racism protests.
Georgie Wright

zendaya, zoë kravitz and more support nfl players who #taketheknee in defiance of trump

A chorus of voices — including Yara Shahidi​, Jesse Williams, and J.Cole — swells, condemning Donald Trump and applauding the N.F.L. players protesting racial injustices.
Isabelle Hellyer

the story behind black lives matter

Patrisse Cullors and Janaya Khan, the activists behind global equality movement Black Lives Matter, share their story.
Patrisse Cullors
Janaya Khan

6 ways to protest white supremacy today

Listen to a bell hooks lecture, donate to ACLU, and practice some self-care. Here’s how you can help weaken and dismantle white power groups.
André-Naquian Wheeler

step is a riveting teenage dance film for the black lives matter movement

Amanda Lipitz's dance documentary STEP shows how high school girls in Baltimore are using dance to turn their lives around.
Hannah Ongley

black liberation organiser and poet king speaks her mind

We hung out at home in LA with political organiser and verse-maker KiNG — watch the vid.
i-D Staff

whose streets? watch the trailer for a powerful new ferguson documentary

The film uses social media and phone camera footage to tells the story of the protest movement sparked by the killing of the unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by a white police officer in August 2014.
Charlotte Gush

the late, great james baldwin on what it means to be black in america today

The author’s unfinished book finds its voice in new documentary I Am Not Your Negro.
Colin Crummy

​kendall jenner’s new pepsi ad appears to erase the black lives matter movement

Inspiring a furious reaction from online commenters, Pepsi have been accused of coopting the aesthetics of protest for profit and positioning a privileged white model as the saviour of civil rights movements in the struggle against police brutality.
Charlotte Gush