beauty week 2018

sula bermudez-silverman turns her hair into embroidered works of art

She also worked with Rachel Dolezal for her MFA thesis project.

André-Naquian Wheeler

#freethepimple want you to embrace the skin you're in

Skin is the final frontier to be embraced by the body positive movement.

i-D Staff

a brief history of guyliner

A male makeup love affair as old as time.

Emily Kirkpatrick

these manicures turn 2000s kitsch into exquisite fine art

At Vanity Projects, Kro Vargas's take glittery dolphins and LV logos to another level.

Hannah Ongley

regal portraits of black children in baroque costumes

Photographers Regis and Kahran Bethencourt push the boundaries of what blackness has been and can become.

André-Naquian Wheeler

drew barrymore's #beautyjunkieweek is the best thing on instagram

She shares the precious knowledge you need to solve zits, dead hair, and feelings of imperfection.

Jack Sunnucks

exploring the relationship between perfume and gender

Katie Puckrick wants people to stop trying to define whether the fluid in a particular bottle is “for women” or “for men,” and start thinking about what makes you smell good.

Katie Puckrick

@makeupforwoc gives honest beauty tips for women of color

i-D asked the teen behind the Twitter account for her secrets to flawless skin.

André-Naquian Wheeler

how masami hosono’s genderless haircuts quietly changed the game

The owner of NYC's Vacancy Project believes "[everywhere] will be all gender-neutral in the future."

Hannah Ongley

there's a reason you cut your hair after a breakup

The transformative power of chopping it all off, and what it means.

Erica Euse

jillian mercado on the life-changing power of makeovers

The model-activist talks red lipstick, Latinx identity, and why the NYC subway is her moving moodboard.

Hannah Ongley

these hand-poked tattoos are queer, feminist, and fat-friendly

Seattle-based tattoo artist MKNZ advocates for inclusivity through her tattoos.

Zio Baritaux