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Athian Akec: "Now is the moment to create a movement to bring about a new age of transformation"

The young activist and politician on how to make Britain, Europe and the world a better place.
Athian Akec

This is why you should join a union

The UK government's coronavirus exit plan put working class people at risk. Here, youth MP and activist Athian Akec argues why now, more than ever, we need to unite to support each other through trade unions.
Athian Akec

The death of Ahmaud Arbery concerns us all

No one, anywhere, in any country should suffer such a needless, brutal, unjust death. 17-year-old activist Athian Akec calls for change and action.
Athian Akec

Zarah Sultana is shaking up left wing politics

Youth activist Athian Akec sits down with the trailblazing 26-year-old MP holding the Tories to account.
Athian Akec

For so many in the UK, this lockdown is inherently political

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed countless weaknesses in the state and the injustices hidden from the privileged. 17-year-old inner city activist Athian Akec calls for change and action.
Athian Akec

why the words 'minor gangsters' are so dangerous

Activist Athian Akec writes about how insidious and commonplace assumptions like these are for black Britons.
Athian Akec

"i’ve seen the systemic causes of knife crime unfold before my eyes" says youth mp athian akec

The 16-year-old student and Camden Youth MP writes for i-D about why the government's new campaign is a coldhearted response to knife crime when the root causes, austerity and racist policy, prevail.
Athian Akec

politics for young people by young people: meet teenage mp athian akec

The future of British politics belongs to figures like Athian, the 16-year-old Youth MP for Camden taking the old guard to task to tackle the root of knife crime in the UK: austerity.
Ryan White