mental illness

we need to stop making mental illness look cool on social media

The trend of falsely portraying anxiety and depression threatens the already fragile well-being of more young people than ever before.
Alyson Zetta Williams

instagram might remove ‘likes’

One small step for Instagram, one giant leap for… mental health?
Nicole DeMarco

a new study finds shrooms boost creativity for up to a week

The magical fungus is considered the "safest drug" and can also improve empathy.
Nicole DeMarco

adut akech opens up about her experiences of depression on instagram

The i-D cover star wants to help break down the stigma around mental health with a New Year message posted to her account.
Roisin Lanigan
mental health

we all know social media can seriously harm your mental health, so what now?

Despite the detrimental effects of social media, we’re still completely hooked. Refinery29 Editor at Large Sarah Raphael shares her tips on how to use it safely.
Sarah Raphael

most lgbtq people experience anxiety and depression, a study finds

One in eight have attempted suicide.
Nicole DeMarco

young new zealanders get candid about mental health

With New Zealand in the middle of a mental health crisis we spoke to young Kiwis about their experiences.
Mitch Parker
Think Pieces

what it means if you hate having your picture taken

For those of us who prefer not to be the focus of attention, it used to be so much easier to hide.
Christian Jarrett

this publication hopes to end the stigma around men’s mental health

'HIM + HIS' is an anthology of visual and written contributions exploring the strengths and weaknesses of men and mental health.
Steve Salter
Think Pieces

what does changing social media use reveal about the shifting anxieties of gen z?

Does migration to self-deleting media and trigger-happy liking mean that Gen Z are less anxious than millennials?
Brian O'Flynn
Think Pieces

why this tweet about mental health services went viral

Going to A&E in the midst of a mental health crisis, writer Emily Reynolds was turned away with nothing more than a pamphlet. When she tweeted about the absurdly inadequate treatment, the response from others about similar experiences was overwhelming.
Emily Reynolds
Think Pieces

How to Stop Instagram from Ruining Your Holiday

The constant photo pressure, comparing yourself to others, FOMO even while you're supposed to having fun… here’s how to actually enjoy your hol.
Emily Goddard