Angelina Jolie


the rise, fall, and hedonistic rule of 90s magazine 'pavement'

Speaking to the publication’s founders about the cover stars, culture, and clashes behind the magazine that introduced New Zealand style to the world.
Briony Wright

exclusive: read an extract from angelina jolie's interview of giles duley

We present an exclusive extract of Angelina Jolie's Humanity Magazine interview with the prolific photojournalist and documentarian of humanitarian issues Giles Duley. They discuss the power of his work and a year of covering the refugee crisis.
Humanity Magazine
Frankie Dunn

angelina jolie could be your professor next semester

The actor and humanitarian will join The London School of Economics as a visiting professor.
i-D Staff
Jack Sunnucks

angelina jolie calls on europe to pull together

The actor used her recent visit to London to speak out on ahead of the upcoming 'In-Out' referendum.
Matthew Whitehouse

keeping it in the family, angelina jolie and son maddox team up on new film

Tackling the subject of the Cambodian genocide, the Hollywood activist has announced her new project.
Francesca Dunn

meet miyavi the japanese pop star turned world war two villain in angelina jolie's unbroken

We catch up with the softly spoken pop star to talk about the role of a lifetime, forming an Unbroken band, and why, after seeing their father in action, his kids will never be naughty again.
Tish Weinstock

i-D’s top 10 film moments of 2014

i-D celebrates the ten best moments on the big screen from 2014.
Colin Crummy

from matilda to maleficent with child superstar isobelle molloy

On the week that her debut film is released on DVD, we caught up with young Isobelle to talk about musicals, Maleficent, and true love’s kisses on your 16th birthday.
Tish Weinstock
Adam Fletcher

ella purnell is mini maleficent

"I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream. I know you, that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam." Out today, Maleficent is Disney’s alternative take on Sleeping Beauty that sees 17 year old Ella Purnell play a teen version of Angelina Jolie...
Francesca Dunn

jack o'connell, starred up

2014 is the year of Jack O'Connell’s horse. Taking the lead in Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken and in David Mackenzie’s Starred Up, Derby’s own Jack the lad has Hollywood in one hand, and the British film industry in the other. He’s flying.
Sarah Raphael