all this panic


the best conversation-starting films of 2017

Put ya feet up and fill that gap between Christmas and New Years with these. You won’t need to leave the house till January!
Oliver Lunn

5 unmissable female-directed documentaries from 2017

Take a look through the female-directed documentaries you have to see this year.
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7 films that explore what it’s like to be a girl in new york city

A compilation of documentaries and feature films that follow young women navigating the complexities of life in NYC, from Bed-Stuy brownstones to ballrooms in Harlem.
Emily Manning

‘all this panic’ might be the most honest documentary about teenage girlhood ever

Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton’s first film, about seven friends growing up in New York, is a rare unfiltered depiction of how it feels to be young, female, and figuring it out.
Alice Newell-Hanson

5 first-time female directors to discover at tribeca film festival

This year’s Tribeca Film Festival belongs to the female directors breaking onto the feature-film scene for the first time. Here’s what to catch, from Katie Holmes’ directorial debut to Jenny Gage’s hotly tipped portrait of teenage girls coming of age...
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kristen stewart’s sci-fi romance, mia wasikowska's directorial debut, and other tribeca film festival highlights

From dystopian futurist features to David Byrne’s electrifying color guard documentary, here’s what to catch at New York’s favorite film festival.
Emily Manning