alice goddard

the earthwise issue

a thousand ways to make yourself look statuesque

Stand tall, stand proud. For The Earthwise Issue, photographer Theo Sion shows us how, shooting Giselle Norman in all her statuesque glory.
i-D Staff

celebrate the faces, frills and fun of molly goddard’s technicolour tulle-filled world

Photographed by Tim Walker and styled by Molly's sister, Alice Goddard, the limited-edition book, Patty, celebrates the fashion family behind one of London’s brightest of talents.
Steve Salter

fashion is a family affair for molly and alice goddard

Meet the sister-mom dream team trio setting London Fashion Week alight.
Tish Weinstock

alice goddard and theo sion’s cult magazine is a little hotter and lot cooler

Packed with work from Julia Wachtel, Mark Kostabi, Evan McGraw, Talia Chetrit, Colin Dodgson, Ariella Wolens, Joe McKenna, Max Pearmain and more, Hot and Cool Issue 11 is a real treat.
Tish Weinstock

we find out what’s hot n cool in alice goddard and theo sion’s cult new zine

From an unpublished series by David Sims to Mike Kelley’s family collage, you’re in for a real treat!
Tish Weinstock

modern masculinity is re-writing the rules

Theo Sion and Alice Goddard photograph Jack Bowley in this season's hottest threads.
i-D Team

new generation: theo sion and alice goddard

The future belongs to the next generation. So stop pining for the legends of the past, and meet the future stars of tomorrow. We called on nine budding young photographers and nine sparkling new stylists, teamed them up and invited them to shoot a...
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if you’re tired of london, you’re tired of life

The talent coming out of London right now is really popping! We shoot some of the capital's hottest homegirls and boys...
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