Adreinne Waheed photographs Black joy and resistance across the diaspora

“When you live under the control of a white supremacist system that tells you that your skin, your hair, your body, your natural way of being is wrong or an aberration, the audacity to live, thrive and be joyful is resistance."
Manna Zel

FKA Twigs releases short film We Are The Womxn

The new release was created during her trip to Atlanta last year to perform at Blue Flame, the city’s first Black strip club.
Roisin Lanigan
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the best looks from afropunk johannesburg, straight up

See the South African city show off the sartorial juice it's so well known for.
Amira Rasool

the fiercest looks at afropunk atlanta, straight up

At Afropunk Atlanta's 2018 edition, guests expressed self-love and solidarity in bedazzled blue tulle and alien nipple covers.
Amira Rasool

atlanta singer tanerélle is very sexy on her own terms

The independent artist’s music will make you feel things.
Georgie Wright

solange opens up about her health issues on instagram

“It’s been a journey that hasn’t been easy on me.”
André-Naquian Wheeler

my year in photos... by adama jalloh

Adama Jalloh paints a beautiful and honest picture of modern life in London.
i-D Staff
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the fearlessly expressive style of afropunk atlanta, straight up

Peyton Fulford photographed the best and baddest looks at Afropunk Atlanta. The festival's fiercest wore everything from Care Bear earrings to a handmade pink marabou suit.
Peyton Fulford
Think Pieces

the importance of creating spaces that celebrate the many dimensions of blackness

Model and activist Ebonee Davis on the pressure of conforming to racial stereotypes, from style to taste in music, and the liberating feeling that comes when breaking free of them.
Ebonee Davis
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capturing the inimitable style of afropunk 2017

Follow Adama Jalloh's lens through London's Printworks (and up the stairs to our BBZ x i-D: MY YARD installation), as we meet the young lovers and dreamers that made this year's Afropunk London so special.
i-D Staff

power to the party: meet the people who make afropunk so special

AFROPUNK festival offers a safe place for self-expression and self-celebration. Ahead of its second run in London this weekend, we spoke to AFROPUNK founder Matthew Morgan, and met the people who made the first UK event so memorable.
Lynette Nylander

revisit your teenage bedroom this weekend as we team up with bbz at afropunk

Get in the mood for the nostalgic My Yard installation with a mix by BBZ. One for the bedroom DJs, black neeks, conscious yutes, bashment studs, trans youth, brown punks, road femmes, jungle heads, and Channel U man-dem.
Frankie Dunn