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all the diverse performers you won't see on rupaul's drag race uk

While we're excited for the show, that doesn't erase the fact that the UK scene is *way* more interesting and inclusive than RuPaul could imagine.
Tom Rasmussen

why the paparazzi are suing celebrities over instagram pics

Paparazzi are now biting the hand that feeds them.
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what our fascination with the james charles scandal says about celebrity culture today

Even the most influencer-averse among us have been gripped by the fallout from Tati Westbrook’s viral video.
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what makes celebrity courtroom style so compelling?

As the trial of infamous scammer Anna Delvey continues, we examine the camp fabulousness of this particular celebrity spectacle — the guilty pleasure that is courtroom fashion.
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diary of a drag queen: crystal rasmussen on writing a book "by a queer for queers about queers"

The brilliant debut book by Crystal Rasmussen is out today, and we're sharing an exclusive excerpt and intro by the fabulous author herself. This memoir is juicy and unapologetic. It might make you cry, and it will most definitely make you laugh.
Tom Rasmussen

tom rasmussen: what does britishness mean in 2019?

Tom Rasmussen's definition of Britishness was formed growing up gender non-conforming in the matriarchal nail salons of Lancaster.
Tom Rasmussen

dirty baby doll is the fat queen proving drag is better bigger

And keeping drag radical.
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peace week

9 queer activists on powering up the community

Brilliant LGBTQIA+ activists on the ways they create spaces and take action to liberate the community. We’ve come far, but, as Celine Dion once sang, there’s miles to go before we sleep.
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the story of visionary lgbt rights activist marsha p. johnson just arrived on netflix

In 1969, Marsha P., a black trans woman, famously fought back against riot police who raided the Stonewall Inn, sparking the modern fight for LGBT rights.
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there was a tinder election bot fanning the fire of the youth vote

How do you crack the walls of the echo chamber? We spoke to two activists who used the power of Tinder to swing the youth vote in key seats at the general election.
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how to register to vote if you’re trans

Trans people in the UK are being blocked from voting in the general election this June. Here’s how to make sure you get your voice heard.
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celebrating george michael and the history of cruising

On the 19th anniversary of George Michael’s arrest for engaging in a “lewd” act with another man in a Beverly Hills public toilet, Queer Tours of London threw a massive party in the name of protest. Let’s go outside...
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