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women are organizing a mass sex strike to protect reproductive rights

#Lysistrata2018 is a rallying point for women to signal total opposition to anti-choice laws.
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this is why taking taking photos up someone’s skirt is still legal

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the bill was blocked in Parliament by one old man determined to move the needle backwards.
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how women are changing what we watch on tv

In her new book, leading cultural journalist, Joy Press, has charted the rise of the female showrunner -- and documented a new golden era of television in the process.
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#tbt: when i-D met claudia schiffer, eva herzigová, and helena christensen in 2009

Supermodel. Like any term in currency for two decades, the fashion world is probably guilty of using it more than necessary. But on this occasion — sitting beside Claudia, or Eva, or Helena — few descriptions would be more apt. From The Flesh and Blood...
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the year is 1994. parklife is #1 in the charts. blur are in conversation with i-D. read it here!

As Blur release their Sam Wrench-directed New World Towers documentary chronicling the 7-year run since their 2008 reunion, we look back to their 1994 interview in i-D’s The Saturday Night Issue. Complete with boy band pin-up centrefold, as Blur...
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death in charleston, life in america

June 19th - Juneteenth - marks the anniversary of black American emancipation. But on this day, a divided nation is in mourning. Again.
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forget the myths, yoko ono is an art world legend

The woman who broke up The Beatles? There's more to Yoko than a misogynistic media portrayal would have you believe, and the retrospective of her work at MoMa proves it.
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Think Pieces

electile dysfunction: democracy doesn't stop at the ballot box

​The election is over, but this is no time to abandon politics. It’s never too late to step up. We are citizens, not subjects.
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could fur make a comeback?

Karl reignited the fur debate this week, so we dissect the ins-and-outs of its place on the catwalk.
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what's fuelling our growing appetite for destruction?

Limbs have been severed, blood has been spilt, and the undead have been called forth to come dance with the devil in the pale moonlight – whilst wearing their prettiest party frocks of course. To mark halloween we thought it opportune to turn to the...
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