Sophie Wilkinson


young lesbian, gay and bi women share their experiences of homophobia today

Following recent violent attacks on LGBTQ women and enby individuals, we examine the unique intersection of homophobia and misogyny and ask what can be done.
Sophie Wilkinson

new movie 'vox lux' is like a much darker 'a star is born'

It's a vital analysis of an industry where young women’s ambitions are exploited.
Sophie Wilkinson

why shaved hair is such an important part of the lesbian identity

From full skinhead to floppy emo undercut -- whether you're a butch or a femme, everyone should try shaving their head once!
Sophie Wilkinson

what does it mean to be butch in 2018?

With comedian Hannah Gadsby's 'Nanette' being heralded by many as a watershed moment for the industry, let’s hear it for the women who have taken the bold step of poaching the best bits of masculinity for themselves.
Sophie Wilkinson

this is your guide to where and when the uk trump protests are

Everything you need to know about the anti-Trump protests taking place this week.
Sophie Wilkinson

why is love island so good?

When in theory, it should be so bad?
Sophie Wilkinson

what the facebook/cambridge analytica whistleblower's style says about him

How much is the story helped along by Christopher Wylie looking less like the IRL hackers we’ve got to know, and more like the hacker we’ve been sold in films and TV? And can we unravel what his look might say about his intentions?
Sophie Wilkinson

madonna’s ray of light predicted our obsession with celebrity

20 years on, we’re even worse.
Sophie Wilkinson

we need to talk about lady bird's gay moment

The film has won acclaim and accolades for its depiction of female adolescence, but less has been said about its beautiful coming out scene.
Sophie Wilkinson
peace week

what did the women's march actually achieve?

The value of street demonstrations can often seem intangible, but for these women, the sea of pussy hats and feminist solidarity changed their lives forever.
Sophie Wilkinson
Think Pieces

little black dresses won’t change the world, but the solidarity of the women wearing them will

Hollywood loves a Good Cause, but with the #MeToo movement uniting the most visible women in the world, their new #TimesUp campaign surpasses mere PR stunts to focus on the real roots of inequality.
Sophie Wilkinson

what my brassiere photo folder says about me and maybe the world

The realisation that our iPhones can now tag and neatly organise our boob shots into an album may not be all that sinister. But if tech is smart enough for that, we need to be smarter about tackling its misuse.
Sophie Wilkinson