Ronan McKenzie


the sounding off issue

i-D's music class of 2018: grim sickers

“You just learn as you go along by making a lot of mistakes. And you actually get quite good over time.”
Georgie Wright
the sounding off issue

i-D's music class of 2018: mez

“Just focus on you, man. Don’t focus on anything else. Don’t waste your energies. Not today, man. Not today.”
Georgie Wright
the sounding off issue

i-D’s music class of 2018: mahalia

Signed at just 13 years old, Mahalia has spent her teens releasing music with an emotional depth that extends far beyond her years.
Ryan White
the sounding off issue

i-D's music class of 2018: kai whiston

As we get to know the Dorset-raised experimental producer, Kai presents an exclusive mix just for i-D.
Ryan White

syd tha kyd: the most brilliant of accidental popstars

Syd Bennett possesses a mercurial majesty that oscillates between assured diffidence and bold ambivalence. From the background of Odd Future to the forefront of The Internet, Syd tha Kyd has changed the game.
Matthew Whitehouse
the sounding off issue

i-D's music class of 2018: lotto boyz

“We want to have a positive impact on the younger generation…” Lotto Boyzz are as much about a message as they are about the music.
Hattie Collins

an intimate portrait of a young couple in love

Ronan McKenzie captures Nadine Davis and Tia Simon-Campbell, the beautiful founders of all-inclusive club night BBZ <3
i-D Staff

subversive and uncompromising lingerie label marieyat launches swimwear

Follow Ronan McKenzie’s lens as the London-based underwear and loungewear label MARIEYAT confidently dives into swimwear for the first time.
Steve Salter

why young londoners are moving to lisbon

As the capital gets to grips with another five-years of Conservative governing, the city's young creatives are coming to terms with the fact that they're slowly being priced out of the gentrified areas they used to occupy. Along with packing up their...
Ronan McKenzie