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making sense of the strange youtube unboxing trend

Philosopher Jean Baudrillard can help us understand this odd online phenomenon.
Aleks Eror
Think Pieces

catching the millennium bug and the escapism of the Y2K fashion revival

Break out your shiny sneakers and futuristic sunglasses – these bleak political times need some retro-futuristic optimism.
Aleks Eror

can corbyn really win the general election?

We’re all too aware that outside our youthful, left-leaning social media echo chamber, the support for Jeremy Corbyn is low. The question is, how many of us does it really take to elect a Prime Minister?
Aleks Eror

the power of punk in the age of instagram influencers and branded content

Why the sounds of 80s hardcore has never been more relevant.
Aleks Eror
Donald Trump

2016 was the year that... the liberal delusion shattered

This year we’ve had to question our faith in progress, across the world years of progress have been rolled back. Why? What can we do to stop it?
Aleks Eror

are we all bored with describing people as creatives yet?

We're all guilty of saying it, but what does it actually mean when we refer to someone as 'a creative'? As the word enters our daily conversations, we contemplate its negative effects on perceptions towards creative careers.
Aleks Eror

experiencing brexit as an immigrant

As a first generation immigrant, the Brexit referendum wasn’t merely a singular political event, but rather the latest chapter in a narrative that has shaped the course of my entire life.
Aleks Eror
New York

is gentrification the reason why new york's youth are looking to london for inspiration?

While New Yorkers have rarely needed to look far for inspiration, a new wave of UK grime and design talent is breaking the Big Apple and bucking the trend. Is London's increasing influence a passing fad or a symptom of a changing city?
Aleks Eror

​the rise of the anti-beauty aesthetic | IT | Translation

In a world of easy-to-access beauty, sometimes ugliness is the only way to stand out. We chart the aesthetic of ugliness from German expressionism to hardcore punk to the rise of Vetements.
Aleks Eror
i-D Staff

​is berlin really a paradise?

Cheap rents, great nightlife, unparalleled freedom? David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Punk Rock and Berghain? There are no downsides to living in Berlin, right?
Aleks Eror

​the international ubiquity of the tracksuit

From French Racailles to Russian Gopniks, Serbian Dizelasi to British “Chavs” -- we look into the history of the tracksuit as a symbol of working class aggression that transcends national borders.
Aleks Eror

the post london comedown

Continuing our series looking at opportunities beyond the capital, we examine the regret you feel about leaving. So you might be dreaming about cheap rent and discovering new cultures, but the reality of leaving London isn’t quite as romantic as it’s...
Aleks Eror