these photos will remind you to breathe

Sam Hiscox just wants everyone to chill for a moment.

by Georgie Wright; photos by Sam Hiscox
01 November 2017, 3:37pm

Life's hectic, isn't it. One minute you're scratching toothpaste off your boob while sprinting to the 146 bus as it's pulling away from the curb, next you're hammering away at the keyboard like it's a bongo and yelling at Brenda to turn down the tinny noise blasting from her headphones, then you're balancing five saucepans on three grills and trying to inhale all the Netflix before Twitter throws out any more spoilers. It's exhausting.

Enter photographer Sam Hiscox, whose refreshingly natural photographs are just the antidote -- all clasped hands and river rapids, scorched clouds and limber trees. "I enjoy the power this kind of imagery has to slow down time and allow us moments of inward contemplation," he explains. "It brings us back down to earth, gives us time to take a breath and reminds us what it is to be human."

His debut exhibition opens today, but he's no new hand -- the guy's been shooting for over ten years. What does he want you to take away from it? "The same kind of feeling that makes you call that friend you've not spoken to for a while." That's right -- put down the selfie stick, have a look at the pictures below, go see them IRL, then call your mum.

Everything, Tomorrow is on view at HOTSHOE 333 in London until 7 January 2018

Sam Hiscox