​premiere: okay kaya, damn, gravity

Fall under the spell of the Scandi songstress.

by i-D Team
26 March 2015, 1:30pm

23-year-old OKAY KAYA had a magical childhood growing up very much at one with nature in a Norwegian peninsula. Having begun performing with her brother's metal band aged 15, six years ago Kaya packed up her life and moved to New York where she started working on her own melodic and melancholic music. Although not a lot is known about the mystery miss, her beautiful instalife confirms that she's fond of cats, plants, and hanging out with Jamie XX - who played one of her unreleased tracks in a recent BBC6 mix. Fans of her work, we're more than pleased to present the visual premiere of Damn, Gravity. Produced by Rodaidh McDonald (King Krule, Sampha, The XX) the track is a beauty, the video scrapping the summer daydreams for a night-time adventure in the form of an ultimate selfie. With her delicate voice and sad eyes, Kaya is our favourite new psychedelic dreamgirl. Oh, gravity… don't let her float away from us.

Catch OKAY KAYA on tour with Tobias Jesso Jr.


Photography Tim Barber
Video Eric K. Yue

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