​soko and fans #freethenipple at sold out london show

The French lovecat prompted a naked stage invasion at London’s 100 Club last night and it was awesome. See the footage here.

by Francesca Dunn
27 March 2015, 3:35pm

"Oh my god! It's my biggest fan! He's the best!" a husky-voiced Soko screamed at her #1 fan/internet friend mid show last night at London's 100 Club. Pulling the shy teen boy up onto the stage, the duo embraced before Soko pulled off his t-shirt and called for everyone else to get naked and feel the love too. And there was a lot of ♥ in the room. "Where are all the feminists in this fucking city?! Show me some fucking titties!" the blue-haired activist cried. Fans stormed the stage to an atmospheric guitar soundtrack and the iconic venue soon became a sweaty red-lit pool of naked bodies having the time of their lives. Soko performed her classic ode to weirdoes everywhere, "I Thought I Was An Alien," and the night became thoroughly punk and completely beautiful. What a way to round off her European tour. Naked hugs all round! 

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Free the Nipple
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i thought i was an alien