​10 things you need to know about stella lucia

She’s got the lushest pout in fashion and is Riccardo Tisci’s new obsession, meet our favorite new face, Stella Lucia.

by Felicity Kinsella
12 May 2015, 12:40pm

giles autumn/winter 15

If fashion models were made by other worldly beings with dark spells and swirling, glowing potions, they'd look something like the intoxicatingly beautiful Stella Lucia. Move over Lindsay Wixson and Lily McMenamy, this girl's got the fullest lips in fashion and a stare that would have you wrapped round her little finger in the no time. Born in the Austrian countryside, the 16-year-old stunner made her runway debut as a greyscale Miss Havisham-esque bride in GILES' spring/summer 15 show, before appearing in his fall/winter 15 show as a gothic, black-lipped bridesmaid. She became the face of Givenchy's Spring 15 campaign alongside Julia Roberts, to whom she bares a striking resemblance. Stella was discovered over Facebook at 13, is signed to Viva London, is in love with her stylist boyfriend and is the name on everyone's undoubtedly inferior lips…

Fendi fall/winter 15

1. Her tip top show to walk in last season was…
"Givenchy! The collection was mind blowing and I love the team."

2. Her model role model is...
"Kate Moss."

3. Why?
"Because she's Kate Moss."

4. If she could use her new-found fame to enforce change in the industry, the one thing she'd change is...

5. In the blockbuster of her life story, this is who she'd choose to play herself and her romantic other...
"Chloé Sevigny and James Franco."

Sacai fall/winter 15

6. The best advice she's ever been given is…
"Stay true to yourself. So basic, but so true."

7. If she could find out the answer to any question in the world, she would ask...
"What came first - the chicken or the egg?"

8. Beauty is…
"…about character. The goodness in someone's personality and even their flaws is what makes a person special and unique."

9. She's going to have a bangin' summer!
"I reeeeally want to learn to surf this summer. Me and my boyfriend are planning to go to California and Mexico."

10. If she wasn't living it up as a top fashion model, this is what she'd be doing...
"Figuring out what I should be doing."



Text Felicity Kinsella
Photography Piczo

felicity kinsella
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