Slumber Sessions: Afefe Iku

Entering the slumber session this week is Yoruba Records legend, Afefe Iku. The so called 'mystery man' of Yoruba's next release 'Order of Direction' takes you on a journey into the mountains, where analogue rhythms meet the pulse of the electronic...

by i-D Team
16 July 2014, 2:30pm

"I dreamt the world was full of love and peace was abundant and then I woke up, to separation, hate and purist ideals that give light to dark and warm to cold., I dreamt that god was vibration, one recreating itself within our experiences, evolving naturally within its course of good and bad, finding the way and allowing love for self be the answer, but then I woke up...this dream reoccurring is one I will continue to have until it's realised and what I feel is who we all are."

Steve Miller - Space Intro
Bvdub - Morning Rituals
Grouper - Poison Tree
Osunlade - The Promise
Owen Pallett - Keep The Dog Quiet
Purl - Sargyll
Yoko Ono - O'Wind
Twerk - From Green To Brown
Afefe Iku - Compass Rose
Eurythmics - Aqua
Dolphins Into The Future Ilha Da Culatra
Jon Hassell - Empire III
Soft Machine - Carol Ann
Thomas Dolby - Mulu The Rain Forest
Deru -1979
Ian O'Brien - Eden
Art Of Noise - Moments In Love (Beaten Version)

Afefe Iku - Order of Direction is out now and available here.


Text James Hutchins

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