burn baby burn! celebrate the art of burning man with taschen

The future belongs to the mad, so dive headfirst into the Nevada Desert via NK Guy’s stunning photo book.

Sep 4 2015, 4:40pm

There's something crazy, wild and beautiful happening in the Black Rock Desert right now. Like a scene from Mad Max, the end of each summer sees a whole city emerge from the barren landscape of the dry lakebed. For one short week, thousands of people descend on the site more commonly known as Burning Man Festival to defy the dust storms and intense sun and have the biggest adventure of their lives amongst the most surreal art we've ever seen. Having documented the past 16 years of the festival has offered up giant wooden temples, a mechanical fire-breathing octopus, and an impressive array of burning men, set alight and the end of the festival. Wishing we were there, these stunning images taken from NK Guy's The Art of Burning Man just about satisfy our longing.

NK Guy's The Art of Burning Man is brought to you by TASCHEN and out now

Man Burn, 2013 Artists: The Man: Larry Harvey, Jerry James, Dan Miller, and the ManKrew. Man base: Lewis Zaumeyer and Andrew Johnstone. The Burning Man figure, atop his massive flying saucer base designed by Lewis Zaumeyer and Andrew Johnstone, burns dramatically at the conclusion of the Burning Man art festival, 2013.

El Pulpo Mecanico, 2014 Artist: Duane Flatmo and Jerry Kunkel El Pulpo Mecanico, a rolling art vehicle at the Burning Man art festival, 2014. The enormous octopus is constructed from scrap metal, and can wave mechanical tentacles to the obvious joy of participants.

The Temple of Transition, 2011 Artists: David Best and the Temple Crew The Temple of Transition at the Burning Man art festival, 2011. The structure is believed to have been the largest wooden structure, without a foundation, ever built. The Burning Man temples are memorial sites for remembrance and mourning, and are burned at the conclusion of the event.

CS (Clock Ship) Tere, 2013 Artist: Andy Tibbetts A handcrafted pirate ship vehicle, driven by an ingenious front wheel with no axle, at the Burning Man art festival, 2013. One of many art cars which roam the event.

Pier 2, 2012 Artists: Kevan Christiaens, Matt Schultz and the Pier Group A group of participants and their friends, rowing nowhere in a small landbound dinghy next to the Pier 2 project during the Burning Man art festival, 2012. At the end of the pier is La Llorona, a replica Spanish galleon.


All images © NK Guy/TASCHEN
Main image The Temple of Joy, 2002 Artists: David Best and the Temple Crew The Temple of Joy, a massive temporary wood structure built for the Burning Man arts festival 2002. A powerful laser beam, built by Russell Wilcox, was installed thousands of feet away across the desert floor, and aligned with an opening in the upper level of the Temple.