​10 things you need to know about becca breymas

She’s the baby darling doll-faced honey hailing from Stockholm and residing on a newsstand near you.

by Felicity Kinsella
13 August 2015, 4:15pm

Jacket Derek Lam. Rollneck ACNE

All bee-stung pout and big baby blues (and she's got luscious brunette locks under that blonde bowl cut, too,) Polish-born, Stockholm-based Becca looks like Angelina Jolie's little sister. Discovered when her stylist friend brought her along to a shoot that she wasn't supposed to be in but inevitably was, Becca's now signed to Mikas, and when she's not chowing down her granny's pierogi in Krakow or sipping cappuccinos at her favorite Parisian café, The Broken Arm, in the company of a good book, she's carving a space for herself in the fashion world. We tracked down the 21-year-old stunner to find out how a good-looking girl looks at the rest of the world.

Dress Samsø & Samsø.

1. Weirdly, she wasn't the cool kid in school…
"I never really fit in with kids my age, people always made jokes that my mom is the teenager and I'm the middle aged lady. So in school I didn't pay much attention to 'being someone' and played the piano in my spare time."

2. Her model role models are...
"Kate Moss for showing everyone that height isn't everything. Amber Valetta and Shalom Harlow for everything."

3. The most rebellious thing she's ever done is...
"Probably getting into this industry even though no one really thought it was gonna work. Either that, or the time I put the wrong coin into one of those bubble gum-machines and then it broke and I totally denied the whole thing. I was nervous but played it cool."

Sweater Weekday.

4. If we jumped aboard the train to her hometown of Stockholm, she'd treat us to…
"It all depends on the charms of the Swedish weather. If it -- against all odds -- was sunny, I would take you out on a boat to the Archipelago on an island safari. Apparently you can go seal-watching, though in my 21 years I have never seen a seal. If the weather was -- as usual -- not very sunny, then we would go on cafe-safari instead doing the classic Swedish phenomena 'fika.' Coffee, cakes and talking shit all day."

5. If she could make a documentary about anything in the world, it would be on…
"…birds. I don't know why, but I have always been fascinated with these animals. I find them very funny. Or maybe about space and stars. I think that would be a bigger crowd-pleaser than two hours screen time of pigeons."

6. If she had to go on one TV reality show, she'd choose the toughest one...
"I'm not sure if it counts as a reality show, but I would LOVE to join Bear Grylls for one or two episodes of Man vs. Wild, and keep my fingers and toes crossed that I survive. I've never been much of an emotional-drama-and-breakdown-on-TV kind of girl."

Sweater Marni. Pants Rodebjer. Scarf Moschino. Shoes Carin Wester 

7. In a biopic of her life, this is who Becca would cast, and the soundtrack she'd choose...
"This would probably be a movie with a lot of sarcasm. I would preferably be played by a young Diane Keaton or Mädchen Amick (giving myself a BIG compliment here) and my boyfriend Edward Norton circa American History X (not the political views, only physical appearance) with soundtrack by Daughter and Will Smith. Or if magic was real, then I would do a Lord of the Rings spin off."

8. She's a charmer...
"Beauty is seeing beauty in others. And a smile, nothing makes a face or person more beautiful. Cheesy, but true."

9. The best advice she was given that she wants to pass on to you is...
"'Remember that you always have a choice,' said by my genius mother."

10. She has no idea what her future holds…
"I can't even decide what I'm gonna eat for lunch tomorrow, but regardless, I hope that I will still be happy and surrounded by the people I love, doing something useful."

Jacket MONKI. Dress vintage at Wasteland.


Text Felicity Kinsella
Photography Hordur Ingason
Styling Ellen Lofts
Hair Josephine Mai at Unique Creatives
Make-up Marie Thomsen at AgenturCPH
Photography Assistance Dennis Morton
Stylist Assistance My Fournais
Model Becca Breymas at Mikas Stockholm

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10 things you need to know
10 things you need to know about
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