if you were queen for a day, what would you do?

Saturday 14th June is Her Royal Majesty's Official Birthday parade, and in celebration we asked some of our favourite friends, supermodels, designers and photographers what they’d do if they were crowned Queen for the day. Happy Birthday Liz, have a...

by i-D Team
13 June 2014, 5:25pm

Photography Walter Pfeiffer. Georgia wears dress Ter et Bantine. Crown Piers Atkinson.

"I would make every Friday animal dress-up day. Vote for Cara everyone!" Cara Delevingne

"I would make it rain ice-cream, re-stock the corgis and have a party in the palace." Georgia May Jagger

"I would try to preserve the human race. Every one of my policies would start from the subject of climate change and how we must try to live in harmony with the world if we are to survive." Vivienne Westwood

"I would throw a party!" Daphne Groeneveld

"Spend it with the Obamas." Patti Wilson 

"Give red rose to all blue ladies." Walter Pfeiffer

"Give Madonna an honorary knighthood and find a Caravaggio and hang it in my bedroom." Collier Schor

"I'd go trapezing, skydiving and ride a horse on the beach." Kelly Mittendorf 

"I'd use a good day of work to justify and declare my lifelong authority...who wants to be Queen for only one day?" Antonia Wesseloh

"I'd skateboard round Buckingham Palace wearing only a crown whilst eating swans." Graham Coxon

"I would just hang out at the palace and appreciate all the perks, like having butter with my initials on it." Alice Goddard

"I would make every person on the planet telepathic so that no one could lie about anything, not even to themselves." Shalom Harlow

"I would play with all of the crown jewels...take a nap and then play with them some more!" Guinevere Van Seenus

"I would donate all my money to the homeless and I would feed the hungry." Isabeli Fontana

"I'd ask everyone to do one good deed to help others." Sui He

"I'd tackle business and fun...I'd ensure every human had access to organic food...then I'd throw a huge 'Night in the Garden Ball'' at the countryside palace dressed in Alexander McQueen and the Queen's jewels!" Carolyn Murphy

"I would ride an Indian elephant all over the city." China Machado

"I would make it illegal to profit from the sale of fossil fuels." Anthony Hegarty

"I would fix the Paris Metro system and replace all the old, rotten, smelly stations with clean, beautiful mosaic tiles and new train wagons." Marte Mei Van Haaster

"I would sing Bohemian Rhapsody at Buckingham Palace" Julia Frauche

"I would make all the other Kings and Queens dress like punks." Karlina Caune

"I would give everyone the opportunity to change jobs for a day, so they could work in the field they've always desired to be in." Maria Bradley


Photography Walter Pfeiffer
Styling Elgar Johnson
Hair James Rowe at D+V Management
Make-up Lucia Pica at Art Partner using Dior
Nail technician Sophy Robson at Streeters
Photography assistance Rhys Thorpe
Styling assistance Ger Tierney, Jheanelle Feanny, Jayson Hindley
Make-up assistance Megumi Matsuno
Digital technician Nicola Scorey
Model Georgia May Jagger
Special thanks to the George Tavern

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