The class of 2014 answers: What’s the best thing about being a young male or female in 2014?

In an age where you’re no longer defined by your gender, and where who you are is determined from within, it sure is good to be a young male/female right now. We caught up with today's brightest young things to find out actually why this is...

by Tish Weinstock and Adam Fletcher
23 September 2014, 5:55pm

''You don't have to identify with either of them. You can identify with both. Our generation has more gays, bisexuals, transgenders and people like me who are a little bit of both sometimes.'' Charlotte Free

''The power of the Internet and to be able to connect with girls all over… All the platforms to express yourself. All the sex positivity that's going around.'' Petra Collins

''I guess the same things are great for males as they are for females. Female artists get a lot of attention nowadays which we didn't maybe back in the day. I like being a female.'' Mø

''I think the most exciting thing about being male in this generation is that this is the first generation where it's become completely acceptably to embrace masculinity, femininity, gender, sexuality, without any real fear of discrimination. It's become an acceptable thing, and a really popular thing to be accepting.'' Gryphon O'Shea

''All the accessibility we have to the other perspective. More than ever before we are able to see and challenge the male experience. Many of us are feeling more comfortable with doing that.'' King Avriel

''There are so many different ways to be young and male. Whether you're tall short, black, white fat, thin, it's never been more celebrated to be yourself. I love that.'' Kwabs

'You have so many options available to you and that's really amazing for us, as you can feel confident in our decisions.'' Julia Baylis + Mayan Toledano

''How easy it is to be both of those things.'' Lola Kirke

''It's all pretty good.'' Lucien Clarke

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