danish beauty frederikke sofie counts celiné campaign as the highlight of her career (so far)

She's the dynamite Danish model whose name is on everyone's lips. Find out 10 things you need to know about Frederikke, i-D’s golden-maned cover star!

by Tish Weinstock
08 February 2016, 6:35pm

Frederikke, Frederikke, let down your golden hair! With her Pre-Raphaelite curls and honey-colored hair, 17-year-old Frederikke Sofie Falbe is like a modern day Rapunzel. Growing up just outside of Copenhagen, Frederikke was just like any other kid. At 14, however, she was scouted at a concert by her mother agency 2pm. Since then, the Danish beauty has travelled the world for various shoots and has worked with some of the industry's most iconic photographers including Patrick Demarchelier, David Sims, and Paolo Roversi. Since taking the fashion world by storm when she opened Celiné's fall/winter 15 show, as well as starring in the accompanying campaign, Frederikke has gone from strength to strength. Shot by the brilliant Mario Sorrenti, here, she currently graces the cover of i-D's The Fashion Issue, so we thought it was high time you got to know a bit about her.

1. Her friends describe her as...
"Happy, loving, hard-working, creative, kind person with bad dance moves."

2. She's always dared to be different...
"I've never wanted to do the ordinary thing and for now the alternative is modeling."

3. She sees modeling as an opportunity for growth...
"For me it's an opportunity to learn to take care of yourself, grow up quickly, travel the world, make friends and earn money at a really young age."

4. Her most memorable modeling moment has been working with Celiné...
"The first season I worked with Celiné, there were six models as exclusives for two weeks, spending every hour together. We had so much fun! And of course it was very special being so involved in the creative process of making such an amazing collection. And even getting to open it was just incredible."

5. Her hair is her best feature...
"There's no secret. I'm as amazed as you are!"

6. Although in a fit of rebellion she once cut it all off...
"The most rebellious thing I've ever done was when I trimmed all my hair off when I was 15."

7. She dreams of saving the world...
"I'm into people. I want to help make the world a better place. Politics freak me out but I can talk about it forever and it can really get on my nerves how some empowered people think they should control the world."

8. She has some sage words about beauty...
"I feel most beautiful when I'm natural and look like myself. I think beauty is about who you are."

9. She's all about...
"Peace, love, and harmony."

10. She's still unsure about what the future holds for her...
"I'm hoping to find a passion that I want to spend everyday embracing."



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Photography Mario Sorrenti
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Frederikke wears jacket Louis Vuitton. Vintage T-shirt and earrings stylist's studio. 

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