you had one job! host gives miss universe crown to the wrong girl

Miss Colombia had her title taken from her and handed to Miss Philippines less than a minute into her rule at last night’s Miss Universe pageant.

by Francesca Dunn
21 December 2015, 6:39pm

Set in the shiny locale of Las Vegas, last night's glitzy Miss Universe pageant upped the drama levels when Steve Harvey - the contest host and possessor of what is arguably the cheesiest twitter profile pic ever  - mixed up the first runner-up with the winner and single-handedly created one of the most awkward TV moments of all time. Having falsely awarded Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, the title she'd probably been dreaming about her whole life, Steve had an announcement to make. "Okay folks… uh… there's… I have to apologize." Oh, Steve. Having corrected his awful, awful mistake, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, former Miss Philippines and rightful Miss Universe, nervously made her way to the front of the stage for the show-saving crown transplant. "Horrible mistake… still a great night." The host later tweeted. Except, not for poor Miss Colombia, who just had both her crown and dreams ripped away and broadcast to the world.

While it's hard to comprehend just how people manage to fuck up the simple task of presenting an award to the correct person, it has become a frequent occurrence. Think back to only a month ago when Olly Murs prematurely announced a contestant's departure on X Factor, or when John Travolta awarded the now-legendary Adele Dazeem an Oscar last year. You had one job people, and you won't be getting another. 


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