10 things you need to know about rejjie snow

Alex Anyaegbunam is Rejjie Snow. Born and raised in Dublin, a place, according to the rapper, of “freedom, loyalty and pain”, a football scholarship took him to Atlanta where he soon discovered his love of music and headed straight to L.A. Now back on...

by Francesca Dunn
25 November 2015, 12:20pm

Having already collaborated with Loyle Carner, the world sat up and took note when he called on friend of a friend Lily-Rose Depp to co-star in his brilliant music video for All Around The World. Rejjie typically raps to jazzy beats with a refreshingly Irish twang, and while we reckon that his might just be the greatest ever, he cites Danny Dyer, Phil Mitchell and Cilla Black as having the ultimate accents. With new Kaytranada-produced single Blakkst Skn just out, 1st December will see him set off on tour with holy mother of music and former i-D cover star, Madonna, who requested him personally. "I remember hearing Like A Virgin being sang by some school girls thinking, 'y'all is so nasty!'" he says of discovering his new tour buddy as a kid. Talking of girls, Rejjie is a big fan and often tweets call-outs for that special somebody, as well as stuff about his penis, and how much he wants a dog. As the days grow shorter and the nights colder, winter is coming so get to know the Snow king.

1. Unlike Taylor Swift that time, Rejjie is 22 but doesn't feel it.
"I feel a bit older, at least mentally anyways. All I wanna do these days is stay in bed and eat pizza. I've adapted all these geriatric tendencies and I'm kinda confused why."

2. He misses Dublin and has it tattooed on his chest forever.
"I miss the days waking up at like 4pm and just linking up with the boys and doing absolutely nothing. Just going for pints and getting into all sorts of mischievous things. It's such an easy going place with honest and hardworking people."

3. The first album he bought was The Game, The Documentary.
"I remember being so fascinated by it all and just being obsessed with the cover. Listening back to that album now it's crazy how much it meant to me and influenced me."

4. He loves Nardwuar The Human Serviette.
"I think that interview with Grimes was my favourite. The ending was mad awkward."

5. Mutual friends linked him and Lily-Rose up for the All Around The World video.
"They thought she'd be perfect for the video I was about to film and just asked her like, 'yo! this lil Irish nigga is looking for you to be in his video!' and she was down I guess, and the rest is history. She's so amazing and a pleasure to work with."

6. If his could have his music soundtrack any film, he'd pick…
"This movie called A Bronx Tale, check it out. That would be so cool."

7. He loves to double tap a certain model's Instagram.
"I'm about to delete my Instagram one day that shit is nothing but trouble for me but I'm always on @frederikkesofie page. Goals and all of that."

8. Action Bronson took him for a deep fried Mars bar in Glasgow.
"I've always wanted to do that shit and it was amazing. Like an orgasm was happening in my mouth. I wasn't ready for that experience at all."

9. He knows that Peep Show rules and his favourite episode is…
"When Mark and Jeremy get stuck in that girl's house and Jeremy orders pizza and they can't open the door so the pizza guy slides it through the letter box. I'm gonna do that one day just out of respect for those guys." 

10. Rejjie has weird dreams about being carried to his own funeral by a group of dogs.
"When I woke up I was confused why I was still alive but more confused about the dogs being there and how surreal it was all. So I guess it's something that has to happen. I just don't know when I'll be able to train 60 dogs but I'm gonna keep that tweet at the top of my Twitter as a reminder to my loved ones."

BONUS FACT: The best piece of advice he ever got was from his grandfather.
"He used to always say you can judge a man by his shoes, and 15 years later, he wasn't playing." 


Join us at NOISEY Presents: Rejjie Snow at London's Shepherds Bush Empire on 23rd March 2016, with support from Kirk Knight 


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