class of 2016: 10 things you need to know about zak abel

Zak Abel has got the world at his feet.

by Lynette Nylander
23 November 2015, 12:10pm

20-year-old North Londoner Zak Abel's voice harks back to a time when the soul kings reigned supreme. The young crooner lives and breathes music and although he's in the infancy of his career, he's already seen himself working with big league producers Kaytranada and Wookie, and collaborating with Gorgon City. Having just released his beautiful ballad, Deserve To Be Loved, here's 10 things you need to know about future superstar Zak Abel...

1. He's a self taught pianist and guitarist...
"It was just practice. They were just lying around the house and you just figure stuff out. Stuff sounds good stuff, sounds bad."

2. He met one of his collaborators Kaytranada on social media...
"With Kaytranada, I've been following him on Twitter for a while and he followed me back out of the blue. I was so taken back by it that i decided that I'd hit him up and reach out to him. Most of the time it never really amounts to anything but I thought why not. I said 'look if you wanna work with me then I'd be down to do something' and he was said 'yeah cool', so I got him to send some beats but there was this one beat called Say Sumthin' and I just remember listening to it and it was at the same point in time where someone very close to me was on an aeroplane to Atlanta and they told me that they'd been on the runway for one hour because the door of the plane wouldn't shut. I'm really scared of flying so I was freaking out, hoping he lands safety and it was such a simple worry but as I was listening to the beat, I just thought of this idea of saying something, like let me know you're cool. It just so happened that day I had a writing session with Ed Thomas who I write with a lot and I was able to capture that emotion there and then whilst this person was in the air. My voice was kind of fucked as well because I'd just done a video shoot for something and I had to sing the same thing over and over again, and the recording session was the next day so my voice was gone. But I just sort of forced Say Sumthin' out.

3. He works out in the same gym as one of his other collaborators Wookie…
"I just signed up at the nearest gym to me and I go in, this is after we've worked together and he's just chilling in there, on a TRX machine and said 'looking good for my age aren't I? Anyway he wrote this song called Higher and it was the first song I ever released and it took us a long time to write it because I had no idea what amounts to a good record and the fact that I'd be able to release it after was big for me. I was feeling the pressure. I was really happy with it and it was a really great experience being in the studio with someone like him."

4. He's a big Michael Jackson fan…
"He was the first musician that I was got obsessed with. He was like my first idol and still is. I listen to him all the time and however much time goes on, the music is still sick, the ideas that they were coming up with back then were incredible. Off The Wall by Michael Jackson. It's one of the best written tunes of all time and the baseline is sick."

5. Zak never thought success would come so early on in his career…
"I do feel as if I'm dreaming. I feel like there is so much happening around me and there's a lot to think about at any given time so I literally feel like it's not real. Have you ever felt like that ? Where you're so immersed in something that you just forget sometimes where you are in all of it. It hasn't been an overnight thing by any stretch though. I've been writing solidly for three and a half years, maybe even more, since I was 15, so 5 years. It's taken years to get to where I am now so I still don't really think i'm successful, nowhere near, but it's to have had those years to get a direction, most major record labels don't let you do that."

6. He wants to people to relate to his forthcoming album...
"With my album that I have just started working on, if I can make an album which I feel I've connected to and people around the world feel as though they've connected to it as well then I've done something for them and that would be amazing.

7. Zak was a table tennis pro when he was younger…
"I was number one in the country for table tennis, for my age group!"

8. His favourite lyric is...
"It's by Elliott Smith. It's "People you've been before that you don't want around anymore". I interpret it as wanting to lose the characteristics that you've had in the past and change and then you see other people who still have those characteristics and you don't want to be around them anymore. I think that's really cool."

9. He describes his sound as…
"I think what I'm saying in my music changes with each song, but one thing that is always a constant, is that I want to try and be as true to the emotion that inspired the song as possible. The emotion is the thing that connects with people and that's what makes me make music at the end of the day. The sound is always going to be soulful because that's just the music I was brought up on and it's the filter in which I make music, everything I make goes through this filter. I guess the soul influence came from my mum. She was playing James Brown whilst she was pregnant with me and I think it filtered through the skin, through the womb and into my ears."

10. He rates JME on his Twitter game…
"I use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I think they're all the same really but I really enjoy looking at JME's tweets when I wake up. He's so funny and outspoken!"


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