cherry glazerr are the three-piece rock band still studying for their sats...

17-year olds Clementine Creevy and Hannah Uribe first jammed as Clembutt, after meeting bass player Sean Redman at a summer programme at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, they formed Cherry Glazerr.

by Jeremy Abbott
05 June 2014, 2:25pm

Hedi Slimane

Naming the band after radio presenter Chery Glaser on KCRW, they recently came face-to-face with their namesake, which totally weirded the band out. "She was so sweet, such a rad lady. We exchanged lots of hugs and I was like, 'It's you in the flesh!' I listen to her voice every day, but I had no idea what she looked like." Sean jokes that if they ever do a side project they'd dub it Kajon Cermak after one of Cherry's colleagues.

Back at school, their friends always keep their egos in check, as Clementine confirms, "They're funny because they actually poke fun at us. We walk by and they're like 'Oooooo Cherry Glazerr!!'"

Cherry Glazerr are part of the new wave of Los Angeles underground currently being chronicled by Hedi Slimane on both his online diary and with his iconic work at Saint Laurent Paris. Hedi not only photographed the band exclusively for this feature, but also commissioned the trio to score his first clip for the label, and the autumn/winter 14 Paris show, for which they wrote the breathy and brilliant Had Ten Dollaz. Their debut album, Haxel Princess, throbs with the charge of their LA grandmothers L7, by way of the Riot grrrl polemics of 90s Olympia, via the dreamy pop moments of legendary record label 4AD, but with a cherry glazed sweetness and a naivety sprinkled on top. Providing a snapshot of teen themes, dreams, crushes and anxieties (with lyrics like "I like you and I like the way you smell / and I wanna go to shows at The Smell with you") the girls cut deep with a cheeky sense of humour: "And we can crack jokes about poo too." The album's opening track White's Not My Color This Evening, begs the question, but why? Clementine, straight-faced, explains: "Because I was on my period."

With movies We Are the Best and The Punk Singer currently on screen, how do the girls feel about being the latest in the lineage of female punkers? "I think it's awesome to be in a band. I'd like to think I set an example for young girls like myself. It's super cool to make a living doing what you love most."

Photography Hedi Slimane.

What's it like being in a band at school? Is everyone jealous?
Clem: A few younger kids are fans; that's funny because sometimes they get wide-eyed when they see us and we're like, "Please talk to us, we're the least intimidating people ever."

What are your favourite subjects? How are you doing on your SATs?
Hannah: My favourite subject is history. Clem and I have the best history teacher, Deb. I feel very strongly about the SAT as an assessment tool. I don't think this test makes it easy for kids to display their true capabilities. Fuck this test and the person who invented it.
Clem: I like history, I think it's valuable in understanding ideologies and it's like a story to me. I also like literature when we discuss existentialism. It's funny that you ask that because I literally just ended a session with my SAT tutor. The SAT is a completely pointless, ineffective piece of shit test.

What's a defining moment you heard about a girl in music and became inspired?
Hannah: Kathleen Hanna. She's the dopest. When I watched The Punk Singer for the first time, I felt incredibly empowered. She didn't give a fuck about what anyone thought and totally just did her own thing. I also had no idea she played such a large role in the Riot grrrl movement until I watched that movie. I highly recommend watching that shit on Netflix.
Clem: This all girl Atlanta based band called The Coathangers really inspired me to form the band. They're just a rowdy bunch of punk musicians. The other is Carrie Brownstein: as well as being a guitar-shredding god in Sleater-Kinney, she's a brilliant comedian.

What were the best shows you ever went to at The Smell?
Hannah: The best show I saw was Fuzz. That show was super gnarly. I was drenched in sweat from head to toe. Kids walked out with their shirts ripped halfway down their back and shit. I had bruises everywhere after that show.
Clem: The first time I moshed was at The Smell. I saw No Age and my friend grabbed me into the pit with her. It was quite the adrenaline rush. I couldn't stop moshing after that. I think I've chilled out a bit though. Now when I watch a band I like, I'm usually trying to figure out how to play what they're playing, so I really study other bands on stage.

How did you get to know Sean and Lee at Burger Records? Are you excited to be working with them?
Sean: Steele O'Neal showed them Clembutt songs back in 2012 and they were eager to release a tape. They gave us our first show in January 2013 and have had our back ever since.

What's your ultimate burger?
Hannah: A double-double with everything on it, raw and grilled onions, from In-n-Out. Mmmmmm.

Photography Hedi Slimane.

Are you obsessed with fashion? Where do you shop?
Clem: I like fashion. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with anything. That's unhealthy. That being said, I shop mostly at Barneys. I also like American Rag and Cherry Pick, both vintage stores in LA.
Sean: Clem gives me all the fashion advice.
Hannah: I also like fashion, definitely not obsessed though. I only like to shop for around an hour, when I do shop. I get almost everything I own from this vintage store, Squaresville. It's a couple of minutes from my house, which is super convenient.

When did you last laugh until you cried?
Hannah: Yesterday when Clem and I looked at these hilarious pictures of babies being compared to drunk adults.
Clem: Yep. What Hannah said.

When did you last cry?
Hannah: A couple days ago, I was home alone and I stubbed my toe extremely hard, then tripped on my stairs.
Clem: Today in history class, the amazing teacher Hannah mentioned earlier said: "I teach so I can touch the future. I might not be able to come with you, but hopefully you can take a piece of me with you as you go." Half the class immediately started crying. I was one of them.

If you could click your heels and do anything, how would you spend your perfect day from the moment you woke up to when you slept?
Clem: First I'd probably go to a private beach in the Caribbean Islands, Saint Martin probably. Then I'd pass out on the beach and… can I travel to other universes? What are the limitations on this question? I'd probably go to space with Sean after Saint Martin. That's what our song Trick Or Treat Dancefloor is about...

In your wildest dreams, what happens next?
Sean: Humans harness the power of wormholes to allow for inter-dimensional travel. We become the first band to play a show in a parallel reality. They love us so much that they endow us with their knowledge of clean sustainable energy, which we bring back to our dimension and use to end the global energy crisis. 
Hannah: What he said.
Clem: Yep!

What were your highlights from the recent Burgerama fest?
Hannah: Burgerama was a very surreal experience for me. It was most definitely a dream come true. A highlight for me at all of our shows, especially Burgerama, is seeing kids sing along to our songs. Melts my heart.
Sean: Seeing all the hands go up when I offered water to the crowd was something special. It was a record-setting audience for us and a humbling experience.
Clem: Burgerama was extremely significant for me. The size and enthusiasm of the crowd almost brought tears to my eyes. I know that sounds cheesy, but it's true. It was an experience that made me realise this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.



Text Jeremy Abbott
Photography Hedi Slimane.
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