frank ocean fans record their own album because boys do cry

Super pissed kids.

by Matthew Whitehouse
11 August 2016, 2:10pm

Desperate times for Frank Ocean fans who have taken things into their own hands this week, recording a 32-track album titled Boys Do Cry. Following on from the continuing no-show of Ocean's much anticipated Channel Orange follow-up, the album — initiated by Reddit user JJ from Apple — contains tracks entitled "Cryboys" and "Super Pissed Kids" as well as a cover of "Pink Matter" (best line: "What do you think my brain was made for? Is it… just to watch a livestream? Of a maaan who cuts wood") and several references to deceased gorilla, Harambe (because the internet). It's largely nonsense but, on the plus side, all this Frank Ocean content is keeping numerous music writers in work. Have a listen below.


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