the best of frank ocean's tumblr

​There are long-awaited second albums, and then there’s Frank Ocean’s 'Boys Don’t Cry.' But while we’ve been waiting, he's been posting his thoughts on Tumblr. Dive into the Frocean...

by i-D Staff and Tessa Griffith
05 August 2016, 10:50am

Frank Ocean self portrait (2015), taken from Tumblr

Though Frank Ocean has stayed largely silent about his highly anticipated sophomore album, Boys Don't Cry, he often uses his personal Tumblr as a platform to express his feelings about the world around him. On it, you'll find sincere tear-jerking posts, such as his now-infamous coming out letter. He's written paragraphs about gun control and the Orlando shooting. His feelings about the unlawful killing of young black men sit alongside cat gifs, random Wikipedia links, vintage Beamers, spontaneous poetic reflections, and pithy one liners. If you haven't yet had the pleasure of taking a dip in Ocean's Tumblr, here's our deep dive of highlights from his 88 pages of musing. 

1. When he articulated our fantasy about meeting Prince better than we ever could:

Earlier this year, he wrote a memorial that tugs at even the coldest heartstrings. Frank cited the late great's fearlessness and his "all out rebellion against exploitation."

2. After setting the record straight on what's actually 'young and cool' (him), he clarified that decision is all up to you, anyway.

3. But If you do have any questions, Frank is there with solid advice. Whether you're looking for something profound:

Or more practical:

4. If it's not excellent advice, it's excellent posing. See below evidence, shot by his friend and collaborator Nabil Elderkin: 

5. After posting the kind of question that realistically would only come up at the end of a very long night, Frank just gets to the point and says what we're all thinking:

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