​woman shares stomach selfie, trolls flip out over body hair

Twitter user @iranikanjari posted snaps of herself in pants and a top, and while trolls have gone crazy about her natural hair, many have praised her body positivity.

by Charlotte Gush
05 January 2016, 4:05pm

Female body hair remains one of the most controversial topics in the body positivity cannon. There are many women who will happily speak out against unrealistic 'ideals' around size, age and skin colour, but who think keeping and showing off your natural hair is just a step too far.

Not so for Twitter user @iranikanjari, who recently posted some innocuous snaps of herself in pants and a T-shirt showing her stomach and the natural body hair that pretty much every human being has, to a greater or lesser extent, in that area. Cue Twitter troll meltdown. That old truism that 'If you are a woman on the internet, someone's going to call you a bitch' is crazy-evident in @iranikanjari's mentions, along with some lunatic who has gone to the trouble of photoshopping the hair away and a ton of idiots telling her to buy a razor.

However there are also hundreds of tweets in support of her natural body and the confidence she has to share it with the world. "Oh my god do you know how much confidence this gives me THANK you you're beautiful," one commenter writes, with others adding, "So mad I grew up ashamed of my body hair. We need more women like this that love themselves for young women to look up to," "This is my goal, I want to be as confident as you with my body hair," and the hilarious, "lol these boys want a hairless mammal tell them to start looking for dolphins".

IRL reactions have clearly varied, as @iranikanjari posted a selfie last night with the caption, "The face of a girl who just got bitch slapped by her mom but convinced her that I'm empowering women". She later posted a video to thank all the people who have supported her: "Thank you to everyone who's being super sweet. I'm a nerd, so I don't know why I deserve all this attention, but I'm gonna take it!" she says grinning. @iranikanjari, you are awesome!

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